Backward compatibility for any software platform is a high priority.  Clean, maintainable code is also a high priority for any software platform.  Sadly, in practice, these two ideals are often at odds.  Providing backward compatibility support makes software more complex and less maintainable.  The Joomla project's policy for addressing these


There are many ways to help with the on-going effort to improve Joomla.

Volunteer Your Time

Most of the work for the Joomla! project is done by unpaid volunteers. The major areas where volunteers can get involved are listed below.


The "Golden Path" for any issue (which are usually bugs but can sometimes be other things) in any Joomla release is that it moves through the following statii:

Open → Confirmed → Pending → Ready to Commit → Fixed in SVN

The Coding Team is responsible for the part of the process that moves issues from Confirmed to Pending. If the bug squad was run


Landing page for the JBS.

Should be roughly based on

Introduce a summary of what the JBS is.  For newbies the next step is to align themselves with one or more teams.  In each team page there should be a list of resources (links to tutorials on how to get started, etc).

Include a loadposition module of the articles in


The Joomla Coding Standards are based on the PEAR Coding Standards with some small variations as outlined below.

Joomla Coding StandardsJoomla Coding Standards...

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