To end a year of improvements on the Joomla Extension Directory, we have released a set of evolutive updates on our visual style. In this article, we present a summary of the changes.

  • The color palette has been updated to match the Joomla brand manual.
  • The layout has been updated based on flexbox.
  • Compatibility with Install for Web.
  • Style and layout changes to the score/reviews/versions info part at the bottom of the extensions in the list view.
  • Updated Header, Sidebar, 
  • ... and of course, the extension rating system has been changed to display stars.

The new star-rating system

We have planned to fully embrace a star-rating system in JED4, the next major version of the community directory. Meanwhile, to smooth the transition, we have introduced the visual elements and translated the current scores to stars.

This is the conversion table:

Score Stars Color
1-44 0-2 Red
45-84 2.5-4 Orange
85-100 4.5-5 Green

The road ahead

The development experience in 2018 has been amazing. We have renewed our workflows, and we have proven that they are ready to support iterative, incremental, and evolutionary development. 

We have a 2019 roadmap full of more improvements and new features. To coordinate our tasks, we have the JED - Developer Chat room in Glip for developers to work on JED4 or support the current operation.

Please, join the team to collaborate and help the community.



Aníbal Sánchez

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