Tasks Completed:


       Completed the Management Area (Guided tours MVC Component) for Guided tours plugin.

So, finally in this week the work of the managing area is done. Now users or third-party


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Tasks Completed

  • Implement Part of the Plugin API: Before starting work on the SelectView, the first problem was how com_cronjobs should become aware of jobs offered by plugins. The solution was the Joomla! Event architecture. com_cronjobs now makes use of the OnCronOptionsList Event to allow plugins to advertise the jobs or routines they offer. It was also decided that plugins will be allowed to advertise multiple jobs. To this end, I implemented the CronOptions and CronOption classes, the former of which is currently used as the subject  argument to the options list event and takes care of processing and storing job data into instances of the latter.
  • Design a dummy Job-supporting plugin: To facilitate the testing and development of the plugin API, the testjob plugin was created (yes, due a rename). This plugin subscribes to the

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Task 3:

Upon the mentors' suggestions, we have decided to substitute the original Task 3 with a new one: Incorporation of Workflows into com_modules.
My progress on this new task is as follows:

  1. Researched the usage of workflows and understood how they are used
  2. Copied the functions of Workflows from com_content to com_modules (and made the necessary changes)
  3. Modified the Installation SQL script
  4. Created a new menu for Modules Workflows (displayed in the left sidebar of Atum when module workflows are enabled)
  5. Fixed a bug in workflow transitions: https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/pull/34882
  6. Modules Workflows CRUD works

Future work scope:

  1. The SQL script for updating
  2. Workflow Associations are not being created for new

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  • Stats May: 21 sites submitted, 8 approved, 9 rejected, 4 corrections requested, 2 contacts, 0 reports
  • New template in progress
  • Enable 2 factor authentification for registered users -> planned
  • Working on implementation of the new rule to accept only httpS site
  • Following New Cookie banner implementation (to respect GDPR) (started 1 year ago), SSO topic

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