Request for Proposals


The Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) Team is seeking proposals to develop the new listing management extension.

The requirements document for the JED 3.0 can be viewed at

This document is intended to outline what the...

Make Money With Social Targeting

Ever noticed how well the ads on Facebook match your interests? It’s creepy… like Facebook can read your mind.

Actually, it can read your profile.

Everyone on Facebook has a profile, and that profile is packed with valuable information. It let advertisers be very specific about who sees their ads. Google has nothing that comes

..., which hosts the Joomla download files, issue trackers and other Joomla related projects, will be updated this weekend. The underlying GForge code will be updated from an old, out of date version to the current GForge release.

The update will put on a much more solid foundation. (Imagine how we would feel if someone...

Three Hidden Features of JomSocial 3

JomSocial 3 comes packed with new features and enhancements. We added responsive design, a new template, cover photos and a whole lot more. The response has been terrific but the new version of JomSocial also has a number of new features that have received a lot less attention. They’re not as obvious as many of the other improvements but


JomSocial 3 Is Here!

So it’s ready! JomSocial 3.0 (stable release) is out. It’s been a long journey and I’d like to thank you for being patient with us while we take JomSocial to a whole new level of quality and functionality.

And this is just the beginning.


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