Open Source Matters, Inc.
Full Board of Directors and Officers Meeting

Date: September 10, 2020
Time: 17:00 UTC
Total time of meeting: 1 hour 40 minutes


Brian Mitchell (President), Elisa Foltyn (Vice President), Luca Marzo (Secretary), Marco Dings (Director), Hugh Douglas-Smith (Director), Djamel Kherbi (Director), Jaz Parkyn (Director), Radek Suski (Director).


Eric Lamy (Director)


Radek Suski for Eric Lamy.

Invited Guests:

Justine Ayebale Abunyanga (Elected Vice President), David Opati Aswani (Elected Director), Marianela Quemé Alegre (Elected Director).

Discussion outline


  • Bookwork for


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    Christiane Maier-Stadtherr,     Viviana‌ Menzel,    Benjamin Trenkle,    Hans‌ Kuijpers (part time),    Richard Fath    Llewellyn van der Merwe


    Elisa‌ Foltyn,    Helvecio‌ ‌da‌ ‌Silva‌,    Ciaran‌ Walsh,    Marco‌ ‌Dings‌

Resume on recent work

Decisions made:

Template Design Decision: no new design, improvement of  Cassiopeia
Architectural decision: Based on Bootstrap v4 in core layouts. No extra jQuery, no new dependencies. Make icons flexible
Local hosted fonts (GDPR) Roboto local font delivered by core / Roboto + Noto Sans from web / Fira Sans from web
Dropdown Menu: It was decided to use Metismenu JS, no jQuery,  accessible, as


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Participants:  Djamel Kherbi, Carlos Camara Mora, David aswani 

Apologies:   Brian Ronnow

No Show : Ahmad Moussa

Total time of the meeting :  45 minutes


The Events department held its monthly  meeting where the following items were discussed.

Meeting took place on Google meet.


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  • Stats August: 12 sites submitted -> 3 approved + 3 rejected + 6 corrections requested
  • Stats July: 28 sites submitted -> 17 approved + 5 rejected + 6 corrections requested
  • Stats June: 14 sites submitted -> 7 approved + 6 rejected + 1 corrections requested
  • Disk space issue: Clean up Akeeba backups (no more Sandra to manage this)
  • Specific User requests processed
  • Clean up user database by deleting accounts not connected since 2015, updates, cleaned Joomla ACL tree
  • About the tool which required Docker, we're working on the extraction of the app from the container. 
  • Working on implementation of the new rule to accept only httpS site
  • Following New Cookie banner implementation (to respect GDPR) (started 1 year ago)
  • Enable 2 factor

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