29th July 2019 6 pm UTC

In attendance:
Hervé Boinnard, George Wilson, Sandra Decoux, Harald Leithner, Stefan Wendhausen, Sigrid Gramlinger, Phil Walton

Unable to make it:
No apologies

Discussion outline

With the problems surrounding joomla 3.9.9 it was decided to meet and see what could be done to cover a wider and more reliable testing.

Items outlined and discussed

  1. Using Sheet to mark against
  2. Dividing up the areas of testing
  3. Continuing to test real sites not just the base install
  4. Removal of

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Hello Community Members,

following the email received by Slack on July 18, 2019 at 3:31 PM (CEST), hereby to inform you about some measures applied to the accounts on the Joomla workspace.

Even if Joomla does not use Slack anymore as main communication tool between volunteers, it appears that accounts are still alive and some members could have access to this workspace.

Given that some credentials were potentially compromised during the Slack Security Incident occurred back in 2015, Slack informed OSM that as additional measures, the password of all the accounts potentially involved in the incident have been reset. Furthermore, the passwords unchanged since March 2015 have been reset too.

Further information and instructions have been sent by Slack directly to the impacted users.

These measures involved 270 users of the Joomla workspace on Slack.


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JRD Status: July 2 - July 16, 2019

  • 1 new approval
  • Approval total: 453


  • Front-end design and StoryBrand brand narrative: note, must be consistent with typography, header, footer, main menu in Joomla properties. We plan to have a working session to go through SB framework on August 6th meeting. 
  • Functionality issue with provider editing their listing, i.e.. ACL and edit own, should be solved by using Joomla’s ACL settings. 
  • Use of GDPR privacy suite: pending conversation that Richard will be having with Sander 
  • GEO mapping/locating: don’t know the solution to this yet

On the call:

  • Brian
  • Deb
  • Karen
  • Saeed

Next meeting: August 6, 2019


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