Due to sickness and other priorities the JCP did not meet at the end March 2020 for their monthly team meeting. Through this update we want to inform the community of the current status of the JCP and any forthcoming events or actions


 General points

JCP 2020 sprint. We ‘planned’ to hold a sprint this spring / summer. The COVID-19 pandemic has probably made this at a physical location impossible. Also because there are no events and sponsorship, the JCP budget may


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In attendance: Josean Telleria, Anja de Crom, Roberto Segura, George Wilson, Andrea Gentil

Discussion Outline

  • Roberto started to work on transforming the landing page PSD into a template,
  • Josean started to work on transforming the newsletter PSD into templates for AcyMailing 6,
  • Anja and Andrea will start with the copywriting, as there's a part about J4 benefits but also about Joomla benefits in general,
  • The team is going to define Marketing actions oriented to developers and end-users,
  • Andrea will update the to-do list with the new J4 release time frame


The meeting ends after 90 minutes.

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Operations Department Meeting
April 2
, 2020 - 18:00 - 19:00 UTC


Participants:Radek Suski, Wilco Alsemgeest, Olaf Offick, Sander Potjer, Anibal Sanchez, Sebastian Lapoux,


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Sandra Decoux and Eric Lamy held a 2-hour meeting on Friday 3rd April to finish setting up the multilingual Google Ads campaign to promote the Downloads site. The campaigns have been published between the 3rd and 5th April.


  • The campaign is available in 7 languages:
Deutsch (8 countries targeted) English  (24 countries targeted) French  (29 countries targeted) Italian  (3 countries targeted) Portuguese  (5 countries targeted) Russian  (16 countries targeted) Spanish  (18 countries targeted)
  • Ads appear on the Search Network only
  • The campaign will run until June

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This report is an update on the report published on March 9th, 2020. (https://volunteers.joomla.org/departments/operations/reports/1189-operations-department-coordination-report-march-9t)
It's about the actions performed, discussed and planned since the last report, therefore it's advised to read the preceding report, to fully understand this report.

Webmasters Team structure:

We have analysed the purpose of the team, the members, the responsibilities and other aspects, which brought us to the conclusion that the different members had totally different understanding of the team. (It's a collection of Team Leaders, not a official team, a cooperation group, an many more differences)

We decided to discuss this future and make it clear for everybody in agreement with the board.

  • It's an official team managing all website

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