Attendees: Puneet Kala & Sandra Decoux

  • Wednesday 15th January
Work on the GSoC 2020 Application. We will be informed on February 20, 2020 if Joomla has been accepted to participate as a mentor organization Asked JBS for a new label “GSoC” so that students can identify easily what they can work on
  • Thursday 16th January
Blog post for application accepted / rejected written Mentor Applications
  • We already had 12 mentors for our 5 projects
  • We received 4 applications via the Google Form. Each applicant has been contacted
  • We’re waiting for the answer of some other potential mentors by the end of the month
A GSoC label has been created by Nicola so that students can identify more easily the issues we would like them to work on - ...

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It has been a while since the last edition of the Joomla Community Magazine, the information and communication "tool" of the Project. It had a glorious history, being the place where people could find top trending news about the CMS and technologies, and ideas to improve their Joomla knowledge and helped the Community to flourish across the world with its international editions. As a Community we should honor our Magazine giving it new life and energy and let it demonstrate what Joomla as CMS can do and unleash its potential.   

The Plan

Every project should have a plan to be successful and the new Magazine has one.  

1) Website refactoring

The current edition of the JCM uses Joomla 3.x and K2 to manage the articles in it.

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JED Team Meeting

The Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) team met on January 10th, 2020, at 4 pm GMT, via Glip to discuss our progress of current tasks.

  • In attendance: Anibal Sanchez, Jaz Parkyn, Carlos Cámara, Dénes Székely, Hugh Douglas-Smith, Luca Marzo, and Mark Lee.

  • Absent: Daniel Dubois and Troy Hall.

  • New Members: Carlos Cámara and Tony Partridge.
  • JED Team Leader 2020 Election is taking place in the

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Open Source Matters, Inc.
Full Board of Directors and Officers Meeting

Date: January 09, 2020
Time: 18:00 UTC
Total time of meeting: 30 minutes


Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall (President), Daniel Dubois (Vice President), Luca Marzo (Secretary), Djamel Kherbi (Director), Harald Leithner (Director), Jaz Parkyn (Director), Eric Lamy (Director).


Jason Nickerson (Director) on leave.
Brian Mitchell (Treasurer), Hugh Douglas-Smith (Director).


Daniel Dubois served as long-term proxy for Jason Nickerson.
Harald Leithner served as proxy for Brian Mitchell.
Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall served as proxy for Hugh Douglas-Smith.

Discussion outline



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