JRD Status

  • JRD submissions log: February 5 – 19, 2019
  • Approvals total: 438
  • Feb 7 = Sf Cable, Inc. (cables, components, and accessories) no Joomla services - Rejected. Time to review: 6-1/2 hours
  • Feb 11 = eniky GmbH / Patrick Jungbluth - approved. Time to review = 2 days (submitted Saturday)

Topic: StoryBrand content development 

  • Review of current JRD menu structure and content. Noted that the menu items such as How to Contribute would not make sense to a user of the JRD. 
  • Discussion on creating a narrative to communicate with the user of the JRD and what kind of content could be developed to guide them in using the directory. Content such as how to use the directory, what questions to ask a prospective provider, information on terminology (e.g. developer, designer, administrator, programming, etc.)
  • Is there a possibility of having a “help

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