Attendees: Hugh Douglas-Smith (Department Co-ordinator), Anibal Sanchez (JED), Olaf Offick (Forum), Brian Mitchell (Resource Directory),  Sander Potjer (Volunteers Portal), Michael Babker (Webmasters), Nicky Veitch (JCM)

Given the spread of team leads within the team, now spread right around the globe, it was agreed to alternate meeting times between AM/PM so that everyone had an opportunity to participate without constant disruption to their own schedules or sleep parterns. Thank you to you all for helping make this work.

JED: A discussion regarding the JED template and a move towards a standard template for all sites. This would be looked at with a view to providing a common platform as J4 becomes available. More enhancements are being added to the JED with a focus on bug squashing and maintenance.

FORUMS: The clean up of non active moderators continues as well as general housekeeping. Investigation


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