Date: Tuesday 19 March 2019
Time: UTC 20:00
Attendees: Nicky Veitch, Jacques Rentzke, Mark Bender, Aris Ntatsis, Patrick Jackson
Apologies: Randy Carey, Marc Dechèvre, Elisa Foltyn

JCM Team Goals:

  1. Ensure technical infrastructure is appropriate for now and future
  2. Relaunch the JCM
  3. Increase the number of volunteers in the JCM team
  4. Increase the number of authors
  5. Increase the amount and quality of contributions JCM receives
  6. Increase readership

For more information see planning document: 2019 JCM Relaunch

  1. Welcome to new volunteers.
  2. Discuss alternate proposal to utilise a 3rd-party blog

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