JRD Status: April 2 - 16, 2019

  • Three new approvals: 1) le5 GmbH Switzerland, 2), Bluepoint eCommerce Netherlands, and 3) E-BASE.GR
  • One not approved due to lack of community involvement and company site was built in WordPress
  • Approvals total: 442


Users versus Contacts?

  • Attempted to use con_contacts but then realized there‚Äôs nothing on the front end to create a new contact
  • Keep them out of com_users to leave Joomla id alone
  • Conclusion at this point is to use com_content and not com_users or com_contacts
  • Using com_content gives us a separation of concern between permissions (com_users) and listings (com_content) that they are managing.


  • Currently no limitation for number of categories in Joomla core that a user can select
  • We have to figure out how to

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