Over the years, several people helped the Joomla Certification Team to run exam sessions in many regions and Countries across the globe, organizing, supporting and supervising exam sessions from Europe to Africa, from USA to Australia.

Since 2017, the Certification Team invited a few Community members from different regions to take the Exam and act as an "Ambassador" for the Program in their area, supporting local JUGs, JLPs and event organizers.

We want now to improve this idea and introduce the concept of Trusted Supervisors.

Sometimes Exam organizers had difficulties finding a supervisor for their sessions, especially in the case they wanted to attend the exam themselves, or in the case there were no certified users in the Country.

And there the Ambassadors can help. Certification Ambassadors have already experience supporting and supervising Exams, so they can be now considered "trusted supervisors" everywhere, even out of their


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