Participants: Djamel Kherbi, Carlos Camara, David Aswani

Apologies:  Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall,  Ahmad Moussa, Brian Ronnow

Total time of the meeting : 40 minutes

The Events department as held his monthly  meeting where the following items were discussed.

Events Department: Events budget for the upcoming fiscal year 219/2020 is ready and have been submitted.

Here's a recap of the JoomlaDay who has being given financial support in 2018/2019.

  • JoomlaDay Austria
  • JoomlaDay Israel
  • JoomlaDay France
  • JoomlaDay Netherlands
  • JoomlaDay Chicago
  • JoomlaDay Texas

JUG Team :Review of the JUG Directory will be done in the upcoming days, a lot of listing seems to be inactive, our main goal is to maintain the


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