The Joomla Volunteer Engagement Team (VET) is active again, and is now working hard to address the issues of the Recruitment, Reward and Retention of volunteers (the 3 R's). Recent activities include

  • Updating the VET roles: some old now irrelevant roles have been removed and one new role, 'Content Writer' has been added.
  • Redefinition of 3Rs: The VET mission statement should clearly define the what the 3 R's are and why they are important. The current VET mission statement is not sufficient, following recent team discussions this is being rewritten and will be published in the near future.
  • VET strategy: The VET strategy is also being reviewed to reflect the new mission statement. The first draft has already been reviewed by several volunteers. We will shortly also publish the new VET strategy broader review by the community.
  • VET FAQ: This is also being revised and updated to reflect the the new mssion statement and strategy. After

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