Last weekend, from October 11th to the 13th, the Joomla Automated Testing Team met in Essen in the Unperfekthaus. The Automated Testing Team is managing the continous integration setup of the Joomla project, which runs checks for each and every code change that Joomla accepts. These checks consist of checks for codestyle and a security check, as well as running a suite of automated tests to check that everything still works as expected. With the upcoming Pizza, Bugs and Fun, we had to especially concentrate on fixing issues we had with unstable tests.
At the sprint we were five team members (David Jardin, Hannes Papenberg, Jelle Kok, Puneet Kala and Robert Deutz) and this is what we achieved in those three days:

att sprint 2019

Updates & Performance

As a first step, we updated our Drone CI system to the current 1.6.0 version and in a rather large update, switched over our RIPS setup (a


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