Usually, we don't post reposts of our work and it goes under the radar until something goes wrong then we are spotlighted. 

But it occurred to me that it would be helpful to those wishing to join and help to outline what we do when a release hits and what can happen.

The release lead sets the ball in motion but there is a whole chain of events preceding that and as we are all volunteers that can clash with work.

3.9.20 was no exception and because of work commitments further down the chain, Harald explained that it would be later than usual. We first saw the release on Friday (usually its Tuesday) and once delivered the team got to work testing. We have people from all over the world so one time zone can report in their findings and another takes up the slack and test according to what the previous found.

The role of the CMS release team is to test the RC but not as a vanilla package but in complex environments looking for bugs that the update


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