This meeting of the Joomla! Privacy Compliance Team has been held on Glip on September 30, 2020 at 16:30 CET. 


In attendance: 

  • Donata Kalnenaite 
  • Luca Marzo
  • Roland Dalmulder 
  • Sander Potjer

Discussion Outline 

  • Luca has added a new volunteer to the Privacy Compliance Team and he will be joining us at our next meeting; 
  • Donata asked the team members to review the articles that still need to be written for the Joomla Community Magazine and encouraged them to write some articles so that we can finish that task; 
  • Sander is almost done with his JVP task; 
  • Donata shared the call for a team volunteer who can help with the cookie script task

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