The Africa Cup of Nations is one of the largest and most presitigious football tournaments in the world.

This year the tournament is being held for the 29th time and the venue is South Africa.

Over the last three weeks, 16 teams from across Africa have been competing. The final is being played on Saturday between Nigeria and Burkina Faso.


K2 v2.6.4 release - introduces new/cool/SEF/URL options :)
Although not even 10 days have passed since we released K2 v2.6.3, we decided it would be a shame not to release this new version 2.6.4 ASAP. You see, this new release brings some SEF URL enhancements which we know many K2 users will love. To quickly sum things up we have added the new K2 advanced SEF options, tag normalization options, jQuery...

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JavaScript and GNOME

GNOME now recommends JavaScript for authoring GNOME applications. For information on what this means for the near future of GNOME desktop development, see JavaScript in GNOME. Although it looks like they’re using SpiderMonkey rather than Node, Jérémy...

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jQuery 1.9.1

jQuery 1.9.1 has been released:

Whether you’re using 1.9.0 or using an older version, these are the droids you’re looking for.

There are bug fixes for Chrome, IE, and Safari, and a few small enhancements like #13150: Be able to determine if...

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