EasyBlog 5.1 Stable Is Now Available

It looks like EasyBlog 5.1.2 was one the fastest ever release in Stack Ideas history. I'm really honored to be sharing with you today that EasyBlog 5.1.2 stable is now available.

For the benefit of those who weren't familiar with EasyBlog, let me bring you through some of its key features which were mostly highlighted by Mark previously and you could read about it here


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Support

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a very accessible framework for creating fast-loading mobile pages. This open-source initiative is designed to enable publisher to easily improve the page speed at the same time the overall user experience while reading or browsing through their mobile devices.

EasyBlog 5.1 AMP support will not hinder publishers from the boundaries of SEO. We truly believe that AMP is the the next big thing for content publisher to share their work in particularly on mobile devices and consequently increasing and prioritizing your SERP ranking with minimal effort. 


Simplified Media Manager

The new and simplified media manager is blazing fast speed, has much leaner UI, and not to mention that you could also opt for caption images, single or multiple images uploads, hassle-free image galleries uploads and many more. 



Mobile Blogging 

Do you know that the mobile traffic owns nearly a quarter of web traffic share, surely you have already noticed this uprising trend. With that in mind, the new and improved mobile layout enables author to compose articles seamlessly on their handheld devices.
Needless to say that the media manager on mobile devices were also heavily twerked as well, therefore adding images to your post now would be a breeze. 



All New Composer

EasyBlog 5.1 brand new composer would block out and minimize distractions, giving authors more freedom in their work area. The new composer not only comes with a wider viewport but also filled with power packed abilities such as quick duplicate, moveable blocks or deleting block items without needing to click on the toolbar to do so.
The composer's toolbar now also renders a dropdown which improves the overall user experience, straightforward action buttons, post cover captions, better control over post revisions and last but not least the ability to feature a post without needing to configure it from a different settings area. 



Post Reactions

This built-in smart reaction system will definitely boost up the fun element in comparison with the plain and boring comments. You might have already noticed that this is pretty similar to "Facebook Reactions" which is currently pretty established there. In fact, EasyBlog post reaction could an extension of "Likes" and with it's smart reactions ability to learn and suggest appropriate articles available on your site to the intended audience.




Embeddable Blocks

This nifty and cool feature enables you to embed different blocks such as Facebook post, PDF file viewer and modular block to be added within your post. The created content will be more enriched and broader scope of information could be easily shared across to your audience. 



Brand New Layouts

We would like to introduce the all-new Magazine and Grid layout for EasyBlog 5.1. These new layouts will be provide readers to easily navigate through your blogs and looking aesthetically more appealing as well. On top of that, site administrators are able to determine which post (whether a specific category, latest post or single post) to appear on the respective layouts.   



Improved Dashboard

Beside having the UX reworked and improvised, the new dashboard for EasyBlog 5.1 is now easily accessible with the layout being standardized across the dashboard area.  



OneSignal Integration

This integration with OneSignal enables you to quickly send notifications to your subscribers directly to their web browser whenever a new article being published on your site. This is to ensure that your readers do not miss out on any important blogs, announcements, events or circular notices needed to be address through your blogs, that way information can be disseminate more effectively.


Enhanced Administration Area

As content creators, simplistic workflow is something which i personally would appreciate. EasyBlog 5.1, you will see tons of improvement done at the administration area with less cluttered and complicated settings. On top of that, you can now modify template files and email templates without accessing your FTP. The new email template works pretty similar to Komento email editor, also you could now add or view the email descriptions as well. 



Post Revisions


Site moderators can now limit the number of revisions history stored, this is one of the most frequently requested feature from our users. We believe redundancy is the ultimate downfall in anything, therefore the team managed to get it all sorted out, whether keeping or switching in between revisions back and forth works efficiently now.  


Tiny Yet Mighty

Having said all those amazing updates, the team has also twerked and minified EasyBlog source code to be lean yet powerful. For instance, by default the jQuery will be inherited from Joomla and a hefty amount of optimization were added to ensure speedy performance without sacrificing any of its features. To add the icing on the top, EasyBlog 5.1.2 launcher is now only 214KB as compared to 1.1MB for EasyBlog 5.0.44 version. In other words, it is over 900KB reduced in size, what an achievement for the team! 


Upgrading From EasyBlog 3.9 or 5.0?

We have created a documentation that you are able to follow to upgrade your installation of EasyBlog. Be sure to read the per-requisites first.


Thank you for your continuous support! 

A big thank you to each and every of our amazing testers who contributed. To celebrate the release of EasyBlog 5.1.2, we decided to offer an additional 3 months subscription for free for every EasyBlog license renewal as well as a FREE Komento subscription for every EasyBlog purchases for the next 3 days


*P/S: This require manual activation, kindly post a ticket at our Helpdesk along with your order reference so we can get your account updated accordingly. 

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Brand New Look For StackIdeas

We have just revamped the entire look and feel of the site and we are pleased to present you with our new site. It has been bothering us for quite a while now, as the site is starting to show it's age but due to time constraints we weren't able to update it. 

Since we had to also update the product page of EasyBlog to adapt to the look and feel of EasyBlog 5.1, we decided to take this opportunity to update our site. 

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UIkit 3 Beta Roundup

Since the launch of the first UIkit 3.0 beta version quite a lot of things have happened. We weren’t idle and worked like busy tech-bees on our modular front-end framework to improve its functionality. Yesterday, we just released the 21st beta version. We want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the additions and changes from the last few releases.

Sass version

Many of you have requested it: UIkit 3 is now also available as a Sass version. It allows the integration of UIkit in Sass-based projects. Check out our documentation on how to create your own theme and compile Sass into CSS.

Right-to-left support

UIkit now supports right-to-left languages such as Arabic or Hebrew. The RTL version switches the orientation of all UIkit design elements. This enables you to create websites for even larger audiences all around the globe. Learn how to use the RTL version in our documentation.

Avoiding conflicts

In some cases, you may need to use several versions of UIkit on the same page or make sure that the UIkit styles only apply to a certain section on your page but don’t interfere with any other CSS. Most notably, this might be the case when you use UIkit in the admin area of a CMS or when you create plugins for environments where you cannot control if other versions of UIkit are loaded. You can now use a custom prefix and the scope mode to make UIkit work in any environment. Check out our docs to learn how to avoid conflicts.

Custom icons

UIkit comes with its own icon library of beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons. You can now extend and customize this icon library with your own icon files. Read the docs on how to add custom icons.

Collected UIkit resources

Cannot find that editor plugin or UIkit example someone posted a while ago? No more! We have started creating a list of resources and tools related to UIkit. Check out awesome-uikit on Github. You've built something that would fit well in this list? Open an issue, send a pull request or just tweet us the link.

Reactive components, Vue.js and Webpack

We have been working on making UIkit 3 work even better with reactive JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js and the likes. Some components still need some changes to make them work smoothly, but most of UIkit just works. You can also include the JavaScript components in your own build process. We have described how to use Webpack in the documentation.

Off-canvas reworked

To create mobile-ready and easy to use navigations, the Off-canvas component has always been the go-to solution. In our new release, we have worked on the component’s animation performance and made sure that scrolling on mobile devices matches the device’s native scrolling behavior. Please note that the required markup has changed. To update your website, make sure to wrap the whole page in a container with the .uk-offcanvas-content class.


<body>    <!-- Page content -->    ...    <!-- Toggle -->    <button uk-toggle="target: #my-id" type="button"></button>    <!-- Off-canvas element -->    <div id="my-id" uk-offcanvas>...</div></body>


<body>    <div class="uk-offcanvas-content">        <!-- Page content -->        ...        <!-- Toggle -->        <button uk-toggle="target: #my-id" type="button"></button>        <!-- Off-canvas element -->        <div id="my-id" uk-offcanvas>...</div>    </div></body>

What else?

Make sure to check out the new Tile component which makes it possible to create layout boxes with different backgrounds that can be arranged seamlessly next to each other. Apart from the highlights in this post, there have been many more additions, changes and fixes. You can find the complete list in the changelog. If you have any question or issues about UIkit and the latest features, upgrades or changes get in touch and join our Gitter chat.

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The definitive purpose of any WordPress website is to draw visitors who keep coming back. You can be a business website, a budding designer, a media house or just a newbie developer who is setting up a new website; we are sure that you would want repetitive readers who are interested in your content.

A website takes much effort to float well on the surface and distributing the content to a regular segment is no less than another added challenge. Communicating with this segment requires a mode and the market has many to offer.

Email is considered as the most personal mode of communication with the people we haven’t met or will ever meet. Since the digital world is so expansive, e-mailing becomes our only option for a formal and meaningful communication.

As a WordPress website owner who is looking to advertise his services or distribute its content, you have email marketing to help you pitch in viewers and visitors.

Through this blog post, you will know why email marketing is so sought after, at this point in time. We also aspire to help you with a detailed guide about creating the perfect email marketing campaign for your WordPress site. So, let’s keep reading.

Email marketing: The most viable option for content distribution

Asking people to visit your website and read its content is equivalent to inviting yourself to a dinner party at their houses. This stark comparison might be a little too brave. But, this is actually how crucial it gets on the part of a visitor. You need to convince the targeted audience that you have the best engaging content to offer. You cannot deliberately just draw them in; and that is why it is called ‘Spamming’.

Why Email Marketing?

  • The concept exists because it has worked well for a lot of marketers. Firstly, you are aware of your potential customers and you are not blasting emails to random citizens of the Internet.
  • A lot of, and we really mean that a lot of people still scroll through their email inboxes every morning. If your Subject line from the mail has been done effectively, consider the content read. So, always make sure that you put it up only after giving your subject a well-deserved thought.
  • Most importantly, getting an email list and reaching out your segmented audience is cheap.
  • With so many online tools available to track the email results, you can analyze how successful is your email marketing campaign.

How to do Email Marketing the Pro-way?

Now, this section calls for the most of your attention. If you want to do email marketing well, you need to be prepared. A checklist will help you, but not in its eternity. To begin with, you must choose an apt Email marketing service that has been priced competitively and offers the best in the market features. You can find some of the best email marketing service providers here.

Segmenting the Audience:

Prepare a strategy before sending out your marketing e-mails to new people. Firstly, figure out the relevant audience that would be interested in your newsletters. People are reluctant towards submitting their email addresses to a new email list with a fear of receiving many unworthy emails. Make sure that you are not one of them.

Different lists need to be made for the same set of subscribers. Some subscribers might be interested in the blog posts; others might want to know more about your new products or services. After you have streamlined the requirement, sending successful mails will be easy.

Drafting the Mail


A simple and clear introduction will be a good start to wooing someone into subscribing to your email list. After you have made a list, make sure that the email that you draft has all the necessary pointers discussed below:

  • Compose a short and clear introduction.
  • Give a reason to the reader about why they should subscribe to the list.
  • The SUBJECT LINE must be paid the most attention. If it is not carefully structured, people might consider your mail as a spam and not read it.
  • If you plan to add links to the email, make sure that they are correct and not broken.
  • Always add links to your social media channels, so that subscribers are able to learn more about you. This will inculcate trust.
  • Be very clear about asking the email readers into submitting for a subscription. Your Call-To-Action must be loud and clear.
  • Always test send your email to see its final structure. You can also print it out for a final preview.
  • Choose an appropriate time to send this first draft. If it’s a festive day or season, you better put it off to a more suitable time in the future.

Entertaining a new site visitor

Visitors will be driven to your website, after they are convinced of your first email. This is a very crucial point in the timeline of conversion. Many potential subscribers will leave the website if the content fails to impress them. Also, they need to be reminded about the purpose of their visit to your website.

  • Properly placing popups and slide-ins will help them subscribe to your list.
  • An Opt in form over your site’s landing page and its featured posts.
  • A lead generation plugin like OptinMonster can help you.
  • A footer Bar at the end of the website is the place where most of the conversions happen.

Pitching the Subscribers


After you have properly sent the first mail inviting people to subscribe to your email list, we are pretty sure that there are substantial conversions. Always send them a prompt email confirming their subscription, followed by a ‘Thank you’ page. A final ‘Success’ page is important to convey the message that the subscription has been confirmed. FYI, people unsubscribe to a list as well. This is bad news. So, it is very important that you take the right steps in order to retain your subscribers in a manner that they actually go through your newsletters.

  • Be consistent when sending email and newsletters to your subscribers. Try to summarize your weekly offerings so that they don’t get bombarded with many emails from you. If you fail to do so, you will be at the receiving end of a lost subscription.
  • If you have a high traffic website and it needs to give out content daily, you can do so. But, make sure that you don’t skip because there will be subscribers waiting to hear from you.
  • You should inform your subscribers about your schedule in advance; like in the first email message.
  • Scheduling your content delivery is a wise thing to do. You won’t miss out sending emails on crucial times.
  • Use an Autoresponder like AWeber to save your time and still make the subscriber feel valued. Here are the top 10 Autoresponder tools.

Bonus Tips:

  • Buying email lists is a big NO. If you do so, the whole idea of your email marketing campaign will be trashed. Targeted audience is the only audience that is helpful for your website’s traffic.
  • Always remember that Email marketing is a relationship building activity. Regular engagement with them will strengthen the relationship and turn them into a loyal audience base.
  • The end of this whole activity is the click through rate. Make sure that you analyze this result periodically to assess how successful your email marketing campaign is.
  • Email marketing is great but do not forget to keep your social media uptight as well. Your social channels will help you get more people to visit your website.
  • Make your website error free so that visitors have no issues while surfing through the content. Always use a trusted web hosting service to keep major disruptive issues at bay.

To Sum Up:

If you follow the above mentioned steps, we are very sure that this detailed guide will help you engage the right audience for your super valuable WordPress website. If you are setting up a new website and still have questions regarding your email marketing campaign, please feel free to drop a comment below.

We always look forward to receiving your valuable feedback for our posts.

About The Author:

Kiera Hayes is a passionate Blogger and Web Developer. She enjoys reading and writing articles whenever she gets time from her work.

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We are so excited to announce the release of Ionic 3.0! This version jump may worry some of you, but don’t let it! The required changes to go from 2.x.x to 3.0.x are minimal. We got you! ????

But… why 3.0?

Remember when we said this in our Ionic 2.0.0 final blog:

What’s next?

Ionic 3 of course! (…joking!)

Well, we were joking about a completely new framework, but this version change is not for that reason.

We’ve recently switched over to use Semver versioning. This means that we will be following these guidelines when releasing new versions of Ionic.

Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the:

  • MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes,
  • MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner, and
  • PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes.

When we upgrade our internal version of Angular, we are bumping the Ionic version according to whether the Angular upgrade is major, minor or a patch. Since this release upgrades Ionic to be compatible with Angular 4.0.0 and it also has incompatible API changes, it had to be a major release. To see a full list of the breaking changes in this release, check out the changelog.

What’s New?

For a full list of changes and steps to upgrade, see the changelog.

Note: Starting a new app? The --v2 flag will still be required for now. This doesn’t mean you’ll get a 2.x.x version of Ionic, just the latest/current version that has been released.

Angular 4.0.0

We have updated Ionic to be compatible with Angular 4.0.0. This upgrade introduces new features, smaller and faster applications, support for a more recent version of TypeScript, and much more. For more information, see the Angular 4.0.0 blog.

TypeScript 2.1 and 2.2 compatibility

Like Angular, Ionic has been updated to work with a more recent version of TypeScript. This upgrade will improve the build time and type checking in your application. It also introduces support for mix-in classes, the ability to use async await in Ionic, and much more. For more information, see the TypeScript release notes.

IonicPage Decorator

Gone are the days of passing a deep link configuration to your application’s root module. You can now set up deep links by using the @IonicPage decorator. This makes it easier to set up lazy loading in your application, set the priority of lazy loading pages, and customize the configuration for each individual page.

Here’s an example of setting some of the optional properties for an @IonicPage:

@IonicPage({  name: 'my-about',  segment: 'about-page'})@Component({  selector: 'page-about',  templateUrl: 'about.html'})export class AboutPage { }

For more information, see the IonicPage API documentation.

Lazy Loading

Ionic 3.0 includes support for lazy loading. It is not the default yet as we have found some minor issues with it. We are actively looking for testers and to hear community feedback. The changes affect the file structure and navigation of your application, but they will ultimately speed the application up. To get started testing lazy loading in Ionic 3.0 see the lazy loading document.

Known Issues

There are some known issues with navigation that will be worked on soon:
– The URL is not updating properly when pushing a page on a root level ion-nav that has an ion-tabs navigation stack in the history.
– Deep linking is currently only working with one navigation stack, so it will not work properly with split pane containing 2+ navigations side by side.

What’s Next?

Our main focus will continue to be on improving application start-up speed and performance. We will continuously be incorporating user feedback into our lazy loading implementation. In addition to this, features to improve our support for desktop will be added. As always, we will still be fixing known bugs in our components and navigation.

Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who has tested and given us feedback. We know that changes still need to be made, and we are working hard to make them happen. We appreciate each and every one of you. <3

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