The just released v2.6.5 fixes a couple of nasty bugs found in K2 v2.6.4 which was released last week. These bugs were only spotted when using the new advanced SEF options and the new tag normalization option introduced in v2.6.4.
For the impatient, grab the update here:

If you are on Joomla! 1.5,...

Numeric JavaScript

Numeric JavaScript (GitHub: sloisel / numeric, License: MIT) by S├ębastien Loisel is a library that provides tools for matrix and vector calculations, convex optimisation, and linear programming. This library was sent in by Emil Bay, who uses it for computationally intensive tasks like genetic programming and AI. Emil says...



When I was at BathCamp this week, Andrew Nesbitt mentioned voxel.js – a collection of projects for building browser-based 3D games. The core components were written by Max Ogden and James Halliday, take a look at voxel-engine (GitHub: maxogden / voxel-engine, License: BSD, npm: voxel-engine) if you want to see some code examples.


K2 Poster
Late in the 80s and early 90s, posters of rock stars or pop idols were decorating every teenager's room.
In 2013, K2 lovers and geeks get theirs!
Kudos to Theodore Vorillas (via Pinterest)....

The Africa Cup of Nations is one of the largest and most presitigious football tournaments in the world.

This year the tournament is being held for the 29th time and the venue is South Africa.

Over the last three weeks, 16 teams from across Africa have been competing. The final is being played on Saturday between Nigeria and Burkina Faso.


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