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Over the last month, Manu has been working hard on adding an oft-requested and powerful new feature to Ionic apps: Split Panel.

With Split Panel, it’s now easy to show a responsive side menu with side-by-side navigation controllers that will display on larger screens (such as the iPhone 7 plus, tablets, and desktops) and collapse
on small screens (such as portrait mode on most smartphones). With independent navigation controllers, the menu side of the split panel can navigate independently of the content side, or they can work in concert. Finally, the menu side can be fixed or displayed as a side menu.

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To help test, install the latest nightly of Ionic (npm install --save ionic-angular@nightly). For basic usage, simply wrap your <ion-menu> and <ion-nav> with the new <ion-split-panel> component:

  <ion-menu [content]="content">
  <ion-nav [root]="rootPage" #content swipeBackEnabled="false" main></ion-nav>

See the e2e tests for a full example of advanced usage (API Docs coming soon). Note: Split Panel is only available on Ionic 2.x and above.

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A major focus at Ionic right now is reducing the final bundle size of an Ionic app. One of the major file size offenders has been Ionic Native, which bundles a decent amount of plugin code into your app regardless of whether or not you’re using those plugins.

Ionic Native 3.x fixes this by moving each plugin into its own npm module. Just need the Camera plugin? Install the @ionic-native/camera package and then import { Camera } from '@ionic-native/camera' instead of from the legacy ionic-native package.

In our tests, this helped shave 15% of the final bundle size, which will help apps load more quickly.

Test it

To try out this new alpha version, remove ionic-native from your package.json dependencies, and instead add the plugins you need:

  "dependencies": {
    "@angular/common": "2.2.1",
    "@ionic-native/camera": "3.0.0-alpha.1",
    "@ionic-native/statusbar": "3.0.0-alpha.1",
    "@ionic-native/splashscreen": "3.0.0-alpha.1",

Change your imports from ionic-native to match the new package format:

import { StatusBar } from '@ionic-native/statusbar';
import { Splashscreen } from '@ionic-native/splashscreen';


Please let us know how this works for you in the comments below or by filing an issue on the repo.

This is one of many filesize and boot time optimizations in the pipeline for Ionic, so stay tuned!

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YOOtheme Pro 1.3 released

Today we are really excited to release YOOtheme Pro 1.3 which adds a missing feature we've been planning since its first release: the layout library! This is a game-changing feature when it comes to creating content pages you need for every website. YOOtheme Pro 1.3 also includes great new features, like a new style, the German front and back end translation, a supercharged grid and panel element as well as lots of new customizer options.

Layout library

Building websites with YOOtheme Pro is as easy as it gets. You can create and arrange elements via drag and drop in the page builder or install a demo package that contains the same setup that you can see in our theme gallery. This new release gives you even more range by including a layout library! You can now load an entire page from any of our websites, regardless if you are using a demo package or not. The library has access to layouts from all websites which have been released so far and new pages will be added with every website release. You can search and filter through various styles and topics to give you the best fit for your page. We optimized and improved all existing layouts from our Fuse, Horizon, Max and Joline releases before making them available in the library.

Layout library

New style and options

A few weeks ago we released the UIkit 3 Beta and launched its new website with a comprehensive documentation. UIkit itself comes with a default style, which is now also available in the style customizer. It's a clean and lightweight style with a fresh blue as primary color.

Layout library

Also note that previous styles have been renamed to match the websites that they were released with. Other additions include a text style mode for buttons as well as typographic options for the blockquote footer and meta text.

German Translations

The YOOtheme Pro front end as well the entire website builder, including all descriptions, have been translated into German. We are planning on opening a space where all other translations can be added in and will inform you on that subject as soon as we have found a platform.

Panel, Grid and Section

The Panel and Grid elements inside the website builder have been reworked completely. We added a new settings tab to the Panel containing a bunch of new options – for example, you can add a meta text and define its alignment, style as well as spacing. Images can be displayed without padding inside the panel and aligned to the top, left, right or between title and content. In addition, the Grid now allows you to apply the same options as the panel's to its items.

Layout library

The Section options have also been enhanced. Apart from the usual viewport height and expand mode, you can now also have the section stretch to fill the viewport, but subtract 20% or the height of the following section.

Layout library

More additions

A new option has been added to apply a default or divider style to modules or widgets which include lists. This comes in handy when displaying latest articles or comments inside a module or widget. Furthermore, we added a box-shadow option for image elements and a new, smaller padding for sections.

Last but not least

Thank you for all your feedback on UIkit 3 and its documentation in particular. We are still tinkering to get it as extensive as it can be. As always, we are happy to hear your ideas on this release. So, tell us what you think in the comments below.

Note: A new website will also be released tomorrow.

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Fjord Website for YOOtheme Pro

One day after the release of YOOtheme Pro 1.3 we'd like to present to you our newest website Fjord. Apart from all the newest website builder features, it comes with a richer design and some enhanced Pro elements. With its vibrant colors, subtle gradients and textures, Fjord is perfect for magazine-like travel and adventure themed websites, but can also be used for any other web project.

Fjord Style

Like all websites, Fjord comes with its own style. This time, we decided to merge the popular Material design principles with modern skeuomorphism – creating a hybrid of fresh colors, smooth shadows and textures on sections. Subtle gradients enhance the Button, Card, Overlay and Section components.


Background Textures and Overlap Images

Recently we released UIkit 3, which comes with a bunch of brand new features that find application in this website. Two of these are the background textures and overlap images for the Section component. Using SVG images, which include background patterns and are dyed automatically by UIkit for each section style, sections can be overlapped. Background textures add a haptic look. For this release we added a subtle noise grain pattern and a grungy frayed style for the overlap images, which perfectly fit the Fjord style and topic. The overlap image option can be enabled and disabled for every section inside the builder.

Overlap Image


Fjord features 7 new layouts dedicated to travel and adventure related content: the Home page with a magazine like overview, two Destination pages, two Case studies containing travel journals and advice, a Resources page with a FAQ and the About as well as the Stories layout with the usual blog articles. We have collected a number of perfectly matching images for each page. These are free-to-use, which means, you can use them anywhere you like whichever way you like. Once you are saving a layout you can either download or discard the images.

All these pages have been added to the new Layout Library and you are of course able to use any of the previously released layouts in this website as well.

Destination 01
Destination 02
Trip 01
Trip 02

Enhanced Pro Elements

We improved two essential Pro elements for Fjord. The Panel element now supports a meta field for subtitles or secondary information display and the content now also features a larger text style. In addition, you can select the meta position, style and margin.

The all new Grid element features the same options as the Panel element for its items, like title, meta, content, image and link display options. This means, you are able to create wonderful and dynamic layout constructs by combining the Row layout with the Grid column options.

What's Next

Fjord uses the full features of YOOtheme Pro 1.3 and UIkit 3. In case you missed it before, we just released our new and improved UIkit documentation, including a better structure, copy-paste ready markup examples and CodePen links for every component. We are now working on adding more and advanced features.

Of course, we keep developing YOOtheme Pro, so you won't have to wait long for version 1.4 with even more features. Let us know what you think so far and post your feedback in the comments below.

  • Beautiful Fjord style
  • 7 page layouts
  • Great for magazine websites
  • Travel and Adventure topic
  • 82 lovingly curated and free-to-use images
  • All these features are available in YOOtheme Pro

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Amazon has advised employees from countries affected by President Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban from seven majority-Muslim nations to avoid traveling outside the United States, and is working on “contingency plans” for those who are currently abroad, according to an email provided to The Verge.

Unlike some other major tech companies, Amazon has not issued a high-level public condemnation of Trump’s recent executive order, which has been contested by judges in New York and Virginia. But it appears to be worried about consequences for employees from the countries in question — all of whom can (and likely will) be banned from entering the US, even if they’ve been granted green cards. In response to questions from The Verge,...

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