Over the last few months the framework team has been hard at work on a new v3 version of the Ionic CLI. The project’s focus has been on improving the overall developer experience, CLI speed, and architecture to allow us to potentially introduce new plugins and platforms in the future. We want the developer experience of the CLI to be as good as the framework that it supports. ❤️

A major motivation for v3 was improving the speed of the CLI experience itself. The first thing you should notice is the install time: the new CLI install is significantly faster. One measure shows install time reducing from 150 seconds for CLI v2 to around 10 seconds for CLI v3! The commands themselves are also more responsive. ????

Providing better help documentation and more guidance as you interact with commands was another important goal of CLI v3. Command help is now clearer and provides a nice overview of the command’s interface.

Start command output

Most commands also have interactive prompts. These can provide additional details about the inputs that are required.

Getting started

To install the new CLI execute the following command:

npm install -g ionic@beta

If you are working with an existing Ionic project you will also need to execute the following command in your project directory.

For Ionic1 Projects
npm install --save-dev @ionic/cli-build-ionic1@beta @ionic/cli-plugin-cordova@beta

For Ionic2 Project
npm install --save-dev @ionic/cli-build-ionic-angular@beta @ionic/cli-plugin-cordova@beta

Additional Documentation can be found in the project’s README. We hope that in the coming days you will install the new CLI and provide us with feedback on your experiences. Let us know by filing an issue on the repo for the project https://github.com/driftyco/ionic-cli

We look forward to your feedback. Enjoy! ????

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You thought the grid was great? This isn’t even our final form.

Why hello you amazing people, we’ve got some exciting updates and news to share from the front lines of Ionic development.

Ionic 2.2.0, the best Ionic yet ????

Keeping the momentum going, we’re happy to announce that Ionic 2.2.0 is out. This includes some bug fixes, as well as two key features:

  • Split Pane component
  • Update to Angular 2.4.8 support

Now one of these features is a lot cooler than the other…so let’s go over the Split Pane.

Split Pane for responsive apps

One of the most requested features when we started working on Ionic 2.x was split pane, or adding the ability to create two views on larger screen sizes. Now this was available in Ionic 1.x as expose-aside-when, but was heavily tied to the ion-side-menu. This made it really limited in terms of functionality. With Split Pane in 2.x, we’ve rethought how this should be done to be ‘automatic’ enough, but also not limit developers to Menus.

Now if you want to add a Split Pane to your app, it’s as simple as wrapping your root component.

  <ion-menu [content]="myNav"></ion-menu>
  <ion-nav #myNav main><ion-nav>

In this example we’re using a Menu, but this could be anything.

The only requirement for Split Pane is that a component has an attribute of main.

The main attribute is just a way for Split Pane to know what is going to be the “main” content, and what element is going to be the “side” content.

Other than that, the Split Pane “just works”!


By default the Split Pane will be hidden until the viewport reaches the md breakpoint, which is (min-width: 768px).
This can be customized by setting the [when] property.

<ion-split-pane when="xl">
  <ion-menu [content]="myNav"></ion-menu>
  <ion-nav #myNav main><ion-nav>

There are multiple built-in breakpoints that can be set, so be sure to check out the Split Pane documentation to read more.


While just showing and hiding content on the side is cool, we can take this a step further and add nested navigation to the side content.
If you’ve ever used iOS’s mail app on an iPad, this is quite familiar.


Each component has its own ion-nav and can navigate independently from one another. This nesting of navigations allow for much more complex and sophisticated apps to be created, and is something we’re very excited about.

What’s next

The Split Pane is a major step forward into creating new apps that can feel at home on larger devices like tablets and traditional desktops.
We’re super excited about it and can’t wait to see what kind of apps you can build with it!

So what’s next? So much more! We have a lot more in the works in terms of desktop support, so be sure to stay tuned!

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Social care startup Cera has partnered with some of the UK's biggest hospitals in a bid to become something similar to an Uber for patients who need carers. The deal will help doctors in London select and request assistance from a pool of trained carers who can help patients with tasks at home, potentially freeing up hospital beds for additional people. At the same time, the company has also joined with Uber itself to provide transport for these carers and patients, making it easier for them to make their way back home.

Cera, launched last November, was designed to match carers with people seeking assistance. The company today announced a partnership with the National Health Service's biggest trust — Barts Health NHS Trust — as well as...

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Sonos has a brand new speaker for the first time since 2013. The company has redesigned and refreshed some existing products in its popular lineup of multi-room audio speakers since then, but today marks the introduction of Sonos’ first wholly-new device since the Playbar. Yes, it’s called the Playbase, and yes, it’s another speaker meant to be paired with your television. The $699 Playbase, which starts shipping April 4th, has a relatively simple reason for existing: most TVs — Sonos says roughly 70 percent — aren’t wall-mounted. Those people, who just attach their TV to the stand in the box and call it a day, are who the Playbase is for. If your set is mounted, Sonos is still selling the Playbar at the exact same price point. This...

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Sonic Website for YOOtheme Pro

It's March and Spring is finally coming around the corner bringing fresh colors and Sonic, our latest website release. Sonic comes with a clean but vibrant style, that features gradients on text and UI elements as well as layered background styles. A new topic and seven custom layouts cover the needs of any event website – in this case for a conference.

Sonic Style

This website features a minimalistic, yet colorful style. Gradients are the main player here. They decorate backgrounds, imagery, buttons, borders as well as a number of typographic details. This is combined with large but delicate headings, box shadows and some nice details, which makes for a unique style.



Sonic presents a new feature of YOOtheme Pro, that gives you a lot more flexibility for your background styles. Instead of choosing between a background color and an image, you can now apply both at once. This allows you to create a variable and open layout through multiple layers of backgrounds, fixed or scrolling images and "flying" elements – as we did with Sonic.


Layouts & Topic

The topic of this month's website is all about events and conferences. Each of the seven layouts included was created to provide everything you need to draft an informative and beautiful event website.

The Home page provides an overview of the essential information, like speakers, schedule and tickets, and at the same time previews the content of other pages. The Speakers page introduces conference speakers in an alternating panel layout and features a "Call for papers" section. On the Schedule page you will find the event's itinerary displayed in a nice timeline with basic information on the talk and the speaker. The Location page provides an introduction to the event's venue and hosting city through images, maps and references to public transport and accommodation. A list of sponsors and partners as well as an invitation to become a sponsor is presented on the Sponsors page. Under Tickets a pricing table, general information and contact details can be found. A little hidden page presents previous events with images that link to YouTube videos.

Last Year

What's next?

YOOtheme Pro 1.4 is going to be released shortly and a lot of exciting stuff is coming with it. Some of the new features already found their way into this release. As mentioned above, you can now combine images with section backgrounds. In addition to that, there is a new background color option for headings, allowing us to place gradients on text elements for this style. These are just some of the new additions in YOOtheme Pro 1.4.

The new YOOtheme Pro release will also contain new translations. Thank you for your contribution on OnySky so far. A lot of languages already have been translated and some are almost done. If you see that yours still needs work, please consider helping us out. For more information, read our documentation .

Stay tuned for YOOtheme Pro 1.4 and as always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Beautiful Sonic style
  • 7 page layouts
  • Great for event websites
  • Conference topic
  • 33 lovingly curated and free-to-use images
  • All these features are available in YOOtheme Pro

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