eCommerce extension for Joomla - Sellacious

Today, we would like to introduce you to a new partner who recently got on board with us, Sellacious.

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ThemeXpert's Meteor Template For EasySocial & EasyArticles

​While we are still working on EasyBlog 5.2, PayPlans 4.0 and Charm template simultaneously, we would like to firstly introduce you to Meteor template. 

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EasySocial 2.1.9 Update

Before this week ends, we have scheduled a maintenance release for EasySocial. EasySocial 2.1.9 addresses two important fixes which are start date appendment to event title for repeating events and PHP 7.2 compatibility. The rest were mostly bug fixes, refinements and other improvements.

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Pinewood Lake Website for YOOtheme Pro

The weather here in Hamburg makes us long for fire and warm socks, so let us get cozy with our multi-functional Pinewood Lake theme. The March theme is a recreation hotel in the woods, perfect for being one with nature and enjoying long nights with a cup of tea and a good book. So lean back, and let's dive into details.

Pinewood Lake Style

Pinewood Lake has a very light and authentic style. At the same time, skeuomorphism together with realistic images gives the theme a more familiar look and feel. Other characteristic features of Pinewood Lake theme is the classic Serif typography, a lot of texture, grunge font, buttons and overlaps and smooth colors. Monospaced typewriter font and original dividers add a rustic style to the rural hotel. The theme integrates all the best elements YOOtheme Pro has to offer, you will find a beautiful slow-motion video as a section background, various Slideshows, a Slider, a Gallery and much more.


Style Variations

Like other YOOtheme Pro themes, Pinewood Lake comes with 6 different styles. The colors chosen for this theme are very harmonic and natural, which perfectly fits the topic.


Section Overlap

Section overlap image creates gradual transitions between sections, moving from a strict design to a more smooth look. You probably remember the section overlap from our Fjord theme. Simply enable it with one click in the page builder of YOOtheme Pro for sections you want to stand out.

Button Style

Pinewood Lake also updated buttons. They now have a retina-friendly button border image that corresponds to the overall style of the theme. The grunge texture is presented not only in buttons, you can also find it in dividers and even font. Customize it to make it fit your website.


Layouts & Topic

Pinewood Lake is a multi-functional theme with 8 lovely layouts: Home, Hotel, Cabins, Restaurant, Bar, Events, About, Contact. It is a perfect Business theme with a wide range of topics from gastronomy and tourism to leisure and recreation. Pinewood Lake is a place to relax, celebrate events, go on adventures and simply have a great time with family or friends. Feel closer to nature viewing all our layouts.


Free Quality Stock Photos

The Pinewood Lake theme comes with 94 high quality and free-to-use photos. Check some of them below.

48 lovingly curated and free-to-use images

Take a look at the summary of what you get with our brand-new Pinewood Lake theme. Get the demo website below or download separate layouts in the Pro Library. And if you have a spare minute, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Beautiful Pinewood Lake style
  • 8 page layouts
  • Perfect for Recreation, Gastronomy or Tourism
  • Business topic
  • 94 lovingly curated and free-to-use images
  • All these features are available in YOOtheme Pro

Joomla DemoWordPress DemoTry Pinewood Lake Layouts

jQuery(function($) { var gifs = $('img.gif'), scrolled=false; $(document).on('scroll', function() { scrolled = true; }); setInterval(function check() { if (!scrolled) return; gifs.each(function() { if (isInview(this)) { if (!this.playing) play(this); } else { stop(this); } }); scrolled = false; }, 25); function play(element) { element.playing = element.src = element.src; } function stop(element) { element.playing = false; } function isInview(element, options) { var $element = $(element), $win = $(window); if (!$':visible')) { return false; } options = $.extend({topoffset:0, leftoffset:0}, options); var wl = $win.scrollLeft(), wt = $win.scrollTop(), offset = $element.offset(), left = offset.left, top =; return (top + $element.height() >= wt && top - options.topoffset <= wt + $win.height() && left + $element.width() >= wl && left - options.leftoffset <= wl + $win.width()); } });</script>

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Charm Template & EasySocial 2.1.8

It is now early February and the entire team is occupied with the development of EasyBlog 5.2, PayPlans 4 as well as a new template brewing in store :) Read on to learn more. 

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