YOOtheme Pro 1.11 released

Not so long ago we released YOOtheme 1.10 with the Slideshow element. And after UIkit Beta 36 introduced the new Slider component, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring it to YOOtheme Pro. Now finally YOOtheme Pro 1.11 and the new Slider element are here! Apart from that, there are some great enhancements for the Slideshow and Headline element. But that’s not all.


Thanks to our new Slider element, you can scroll through content items like in a carousel, either one by one or in sets. The Slider element is super flexible. With the center mode, you can make a hero slider which resembles the slideshow, with one active slide in the middle and two partially visible slides on the sides. Other great features include infinite scrolling and set mode. You can choose a fixed width equal for all items or allow each item to apply its own width. All this is possible without any jQuery dependency! Besides, the Slider element is responsive, fully customizable and has RTL support. No matter what device size you have, the new Slider element will make sure your photos look perfect everywhere.


The Slider element comes with a set mode that allows you to loop through sets of items instead of single slides. You can apply a gutter between slides, use center mode and display different navigations. The dotnav will even adapt automatically to the number of slides visible on different viewports.

Content Items

The slider has the same settings as the Overlay element due to the similar code. In the future, we even plan the slider to acquire the settings of the Panel element so that the text can be displayed not only on top of the slides but also underneath them.

Enhanced Slideshow Element

Building the slider which actually shares the code base of the slideshow, we couldn't resist the opportunity to pimp up the Slideshow element even more. The slidenav can now be positioned outside the slides, you can change its color, and set the breakpoint at which the slidenav will be positioned within the slides again.

Enhanced Slideshow Element

Enhanced Headline

Yet another improvement in YOOthene Pro 1.11. is a new setting for the Headline element. If the headline is linked, it can have a hover effect. This is very practical since you can use it as a call to action instead of a button.


Images in YOOtheme Pro are resized automatically when a width or a height is given. Apart from that, two other versions of an image, 80% and 200%, are created to ensure the best possible quality of images both for mobiles and retina screens. While it is not a problem to create an 80% version of an image, 200% can only be generated if the size of the image allows it. If not, YOOtheme Pro will generate the image with the highest resolution possible. This will guarantee the best experience on every device.

What else?

YOOtheme Pro 1.11. also presents some other neat improvements and fixes. For instance, we have updated the Google Fonts library, so now you can use all the latest Google Fonts for your website. We also have made the Accordion, the Overlay and the Gallery elements accessible through keyboard navigation. In Joomla we now allow PDF upload through the media manager, and child themes can now override the error.php file. For a full list of changes and smaller bug fixes, please refer to the Changelog in YOOtheme Pro -> Settings -> About.

What's next?

Currently we are finishing up the new YOOtheme Pro demo package with new layouts and styles, which is about to be released later this week. The next step is the Masonry Grid with different filters, and a lot more surprises and improvements. Enjoy our Slider and let us know your feedback in the comments.

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Nish II Template For EasyBlog & EasySocial

Happy Thursday folk! 
Today, we would like to give a special mention this new and free Joomla template on the block, Nish II which is specially made for EasySocial and EasyBlog by our friends from TemPlaza.

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UIkit 3 Beta 36 released

Happy New Year, everyone! Let's start 2018 with UIKit Beta 36 and its highlight – the new Slider component. Other great features in this release include improvements of the uk-video attribute, more accessibility and some neat extras.


The new Slider component allows you to display multiple content items at once. You can slide through the row of items, smoothly revealing new ones. The Slider was written from scratch, sharing its code base with the Slideshow component. Thanks to this modularity the UIkit JavaScript only got 2KB bigger (gzipped) in file size including the Slider component and all other improvements. We think that's really great! And remember, all this works without jQuery dependency! :-)

The new Slider allows you to do everything that was possible with its predecessor from UIkit 2. It's fully customizable, responsive, and supports swipe and touch navigation as well as mouse drag. Other Slider features include center mode and infinite scrolling. When clicking through the items, the Slider keeps up with your pace, so that no click or swipe is lost. Meanwhile, hardware accelerated animations ensure smooth transitions. You can apply the Grid component to add gutter and use different classes from the Width component to define the size of all items and build the Slider you want. If no width classes are used, each item's width depends on the dimensions of the content itself. Of course, you can also create a Slider that extends to full viewport height. Both the Slideshow and the Slider are able to generate their dotnavs automatically when there is no item specific content in the navigation items. The dotnav of the Slider even recalculates the number of hidden items depending on the Slider's width. By the way, the Slider and the Slideshow now also have RTL support, so both adapt perfectly to websites using right-to-left languages.

Scrolling through sets

The new Slider combines the functionality of the Slider and the Slideset that you know from UIkit 2. You can now choose if you want to loop through single items or sets of visible items. The number of dots in the navigation will also adapt automatically depending on how many items are visible on the specific viewport. The Slider now offers the Slideset functionality, the only difference is that the Slideset offers different animations. For this reason, we have decided not to implement a Slideset component into the UIkit 3 stable release. This puts into question whether a new Slideset is even necessary. What do you think?

Video Component

Apart from the Slider, the uk-video attribute was improved as well. Now videos play and pause when they enter or leave the viewport. Since it's recommended to use videos instead of animated gifs due to their smaller file size, we can now deprecate the uk-gif attribute, which does the same as the video attribute but for gifs.


The accessibility of UIkit has been greatly improved. The Transition and Accordion components as well as the show on hover functionality from the utility component are now accessible through the keyboard.

Breaking Change

There is one tiny breaking change in this release: To make it keyboard-accessible, the accordion title now uses <a> elements instead of headings. See the Accordion documentation.

Removed Support

In the new release we have removed support for iOS and IE10 and also most -webkit and -moz vendor prefixes. This results in a smaller UIkit CSS file size.

What's Next?

This is an huge UIkit release with many improvements under the hood. For the full list check out the changelog. We are now on the homestretch for the final UIkit 3 Stable release. Masonry Grid and Priority Nav are next, which will complete UIkit 3. We hope you'll enjoy working with our new Slider! Stay tuned and give us your feedback in the comments section.

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XT Adaptive Images 4: Support of HTML's new responsive image attributes

We have released XT Adaptive Images 4.0. This new major version of the plugin brings with several big news for responsive images generation:

  • Adaptive Images, we have rewritten the code to empower the following techniques and implemented unit testing to confirm that it works reliably in all cases. 
  • HTML's new responsive image attributes, the new version can generate an image adapted for the screen and declare all the available image sizes in the new srcset and sizes attributes. For more information about the HTML features,  Responsive Images Done Right: A Guide To picture And srcset
  • Lazy Load, we have updated the original stable version of the jQuery plugin and added a new Vanilla Lazy Load (beta) alternative, with support of srcset and sizes attributes.
  • Compatibility with Joomla 3.8 or superior. Including compatibility with Joomla! 4.

This new major version also embodies a new direction in our development practices, where we manage the process to include unit testing and best coding practices as part of the general methodology to produce high-quality software for desktop and mobile devices.

To the moon!

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The connected life has these wonders. In the past week, we released AutoTweet and Joocial 8.16 to support Joomla's Custom Fields. Today, we are releasing AutoTweet and Joocial 8.17 to support two breaking news from the biggest social media outlets:

  • Twitter has expanded the tweet limit of 140 characters to 280 characters. We can already find tweets that are fully embracing the new freedom to write longer texts. We have adjusted the extensions accordingly.
  • Facebook is adding new controls to limit the content of posts to the authors. We are actively following the topic and releasing new versions to be updated with the latest news. In the previous change, Facebook mandates to keep the Open Graph Tags syncronized with Posts of content items (Changes to Facebook post publishing rules). Now, with the release of API 2.11, Facebook has added a validation to associate Pages and Domains. So, posts can only be published to Verified Domains. This control does not affect directly to the extensions, but it is a new configuration step that has been added to the authorization workflow: Facebook Link Ownership Guide.

Support of Twitter's 280 Limit and Facebook's Domain Verification

The new AutoTweet and Joocial 8.17 beta version are available in the Download Area, and the stable versions are going to be released in the next week.


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