YOOtheme Pro 1.7 released

This YOOtheme Pro release is a really huge one — like two in one! The much anticipated Builder Module for Joomla and the Builder Widget for WordPress have arrived! But that‘s not all! Another giant feature is the new Parallax effect! From now on you can animate nearly every element in your layout, like text, images, section backgrounds as well as grids and galleries. More innovations of the latest YOOtheme Pro version are the Newsletter and the Popover element. And there is still more. Time to get excited!

The Builder module and widget

YOOtheme Pro now comes with an additional Joomla module and a WordPress widget which gives you the full power of the layout builder. By publishing this module/widget on the top or bottom positions, you can create sophisticated layouts with unlimited sections above and below the main content.

The Builder Module and Widget

Collapsing layouts

In YOOtheme Pro 1.7, the Module element (Joomla) or Widget element (WordPress) lets the layout column collapse, if the selected module is not published on a specific page or if the user does not have the permission to see it. This prevents empty areas on your page when a module is not visible on the current page and makes builder layouts really flexible when combined with Joomla modules and WordPress widgets.Collapsing layouts

Position and Area elements

There is also a new Position element (Joomla) and a new Area element (WordPress) which allows you to place a complete Joomla module position (or a WordPress widget area respectively) inside your builder layout. If no module is published on a position, the layout column will collapse. This is very powerful — you can now create the module position layout of the theme yourself.

Positition and Area Elements

All these new additions solve a number of issues. For example, you can have multiple sections with complex layouts above and below the main content, the sidebar position can now show up within a builder page, you can have different footers on different pages, multi-lingual footers are now possible and much more.

The deeper integration of Joomla modules and WordPress widgets is a start to make YOOtheme Pro well suited for complex websites, like news portals and more. This is just the beginning and we are really excited about what's next to come. We also reworked the module documentation with info graphics and video tutorials to get you started.

Parallax for elements

The popular Parallax feature is part of the latest UIkit release and can be seen in action in our June theme Juno. There are no limits to your creativity in combination with this effect. You can animate your content by entering the user-friendly interface with range pickers. Give your website a subtle 3D effect and highlight certain elements. Just play around and let headlines, text and images fly with the Parallax effect.

Parallax for elements

Background image parallax for sections

The new YOOtheme Pro release also includes the Parallax feature for background images of sections in the page builder. It makes it possible to animate the background horizontally or vertically and even works when the background image is set to auto, cover or contain.

Background Image Parallax for sections

Parallax mode for grid and gallery element

Additionally, the Parallax effect is available for the Grid and Gallery elements. This is an eye-catcher for every website and creates a smooth effect while scrolling.

Parallax mode for grid and gallery element

Newsletter element

Newsletters make it easy to keep your customers up to date on new products, projects or sales discounts. Our Newsletter element allows you to collect news subscribers for your Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor account. You have the choice between three layouts and can show or hide the name fields.

Newsletter element

Popover element

Use popovers on visual elements such as the product presentations in our June theme. You can position the marker wherever you want and the dropdown with detailed information will appear by hovering or clicking on the marker. You can place it to the top, bottom, left and right.

Popover element

Width and height options for the logo

Thanks to the new advanced logo options you are able to set height and width for logos in YOOtheme Pro. The image will be resized and cropped automatically. Additional images for high resolution displays will be generated and set via the srcset attribute.

More additions

These are the main features of YOOtheme Pro 1.7, but there is even more. For example, you can now render the headline element as a div, which is useful to remove semantic meaning, and you can also add a link to the headline. Furthermore, there is a new link style called text available across all elements in the builder. And last but not least: From now on the Media Picker will remember your last browsed folder upon opening to improve your workflow.

We are really excited about YOOtheme Pro 1.7 and hope you are too! Stay tuned and give us your feedback in the comments below.

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