YOOtheme Pro adds a huge style library

This month we are mixing things up a bit. Instead of a new theme release we are thrilled to present to you another milestone in the development of YOOtheme Pro: The Style library! It offers a huge range of color variations for existing Pro styles and helps you to easily change the appearance of your whole website. The library has access to all Pro styles that have been released so far and new color variations will be added with every theme release. Take also a look at our YOOtheme Pro 1.8 to learn more about all the new features.

You can search and filter all of these to give you the best fit for your page. With each theme you are able to choose between six lovingly created styles. This means that you have the power of 45+ color variations. Let's say you already have a vague idea of what your web project should look like but need some guidance. The easy-to-use library helps you pick the right look. Just navigate to the Style section in the website builder and click on the select field. The Style library opens and you can filter the available styles by background color, primary color or type.

Fuse Styles

Fuse Default
Fuse Dark Brown
Fuse Dark Yellow
Fuse White Bordeaux
Fuse Light Green
Fuse White Red

Horizon Styles

Horizon Default
Horizon Black Orange
Horizon Dark Turquoise
Horizon White Blue
Horizon White Dove
Horizon White Green

Max Styles

Max Default
Max Black Black
Max White Purple
Max White Red
Max White Salmon
Max White Turquoise

Joline Styles

Joline Default
Joline Black Pink
Joline Light Green
Joline Light Pink
Joline White Green
Joline White Salmon

Fjord Styles

Fjord Default
Fjord Black Orange
Fjord Blue White
Fjord Dark Green
Fjord Light Blue
Fjord White Green

Sonic Styles

Sonic Default
Sonic Dark Turquoise
Sonic White Blue
Sonic White Pink
Sonic White Purple
Sonic White Turquoise

Copper Hill Styles

Copper Hill Default
Copper Hill Black Beige
Copper Hill Light Beige
Copper Hill Light Black
Copper Hill White Turquoise
Copper Hill White Red

Vibe Styles

Vibe Default
Vibe Blue Blue
Vibe Dark Red
Vibe Dark Turquoise
Vibe Dark Yellow
Vibe Dark Green

Juno Styles

Juno Default
Juno Black Blue
Juno White Blue
Juno White Dove
Juno White Green
Juno White Red

The Style library is part of the latest YOOtheme Pro release. We also reworked all element settings and added a new link picker. Learn more about it in our YOOtheme Pro 1.8 blog post. Have fun exploring the new styles and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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