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(1) New Plugin Best-Effort Support: We love to integrate new extensions as a way to improve our social hub beyond its limits. If we don't have a plug-in, we add it in product roadmap to check and release it ASAP (in practice 1-2 weeks). Our track record in the change log.

(2) All paid memberships include updates and support for 6 months on unlimited sites, ticket support (, and multiple channels instances.

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  • Usage license will never expire. You can use the software FOREVER.
  • Unlimited sites or domains.
  • You can use the software on ALL YOUR sites under the terms of GPLv3.
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
  • Download new versions and major/minor uprades during the subscription period.
  • No part of our source code is encoded.


  • Joomla! 2.5.x or Joomla! 3.x.x. Please download the latest version at
  • PHP 5.3, or superior. General-purpose server-side scripting language for web development.
  • MySQL 5.5, or superior(recommended). A popular open-source database system.

Social Networks

Beyond the original auto-publish solution, Joocial is here to provide full social content management for Joomla!

Joocial - Social auto publish hub 2015

Social Channel Types

  • Facebook Profile, Page , Group , Link , Photo , and Event channels
  • Twitter channels
  • Google+ Moments channels
  • LinkedIn Profile, Company , and Group channels
  • channels
  • Tumblr channels
  • JomSocial channels
  • EasySocial channels
  • VK Profile or Group channels (BETA)

Community Auto-Posting

Your users can enable their Social Channels

User-Level Social Auto-Posting

Select media

  • Registered Users can enable their social channels: Facebook Profile, LinkedIn Profile, and Twitter
  • All User Activities are published to User Social Channel.
  • A site-wide channel works for general auto-posting, publishing as usual to site channels.
  • A user channel publishes only to User Profile.
  • Open Graph features for Users: Explicit Sharing and User Generated Photo Actions
  • All AutoTweetNG plugins work also in the front-end site
Select media

Message Management

Compose your social publishing

Beyond auto-posting content, Joocial introduces tools at component item level to define specific properties. Integrated with Joomla Articles, EasyBlog, FlexiContent, JoomShopping, K2, SobiPro, Zoo, and more. Compose your social publishing

Select media to be included in message. Select media

Select chanels where the message is going to be published. Select channels

Schedule your messages

Schedule your messages according an publishing agenda (content grid). Schedule your messages according an publishing agenda (grid)

Define a frequency of repeats for each message. Define a frequency of repeats for each message

Calendar view of scheduled messages. Calendar view of scheduled messages

Create perfect messages

Define text formatting, filter, routing and pattern rules to manage your channels and messages.Define text formatting

Poweful Front-end and Back-end editor to create and edit social Posts.Poweful Front-end and Back-end editor to create and edit social Posts

Add new content to your channels

Enhance your streamline with automatic articles loaded, via RSS Feeds Grabber.Enhance your streamline

Auto - Posting

The most powerful back-end feature, developed since 2009, for AutoTweetNG allows to publish content submitted in any of +35 integrated Joomla extensions. Now, it is empowered by Joocial publishing edition and front-end management.Auto - Posting


Jootool is the front-end social management team tool. It allows to configure channels, manage content requests and posts. Collaborators can be organized following Joomla groups and roles (authors, editors, publishers, managers, etc).Joocial - Jootool front-end social management team tool

Joocial - Jootool front-end social management team tool

Virtual Manager Joocial - Virtual Manager

High-level virtual assistant to manage when Messages are published (defined agenda, according working hours), or when repeats are re-published.Joocial - High-level virtual assistant

It supports Evergreen messages. Posts to be re-published on demand to fill a streamline if there's no recent activity.Joocial - Evergreen messages

Extensions Compatibility

All content published in the following extensions list can post to social networks. Joocial compatible plugins support front-end and back-end Joocial Editor Button/ Toolbar to manage item post properties.

Supported Extensions via 3rd party Support

If your component is not included in the list, you can load the content as an article. You can also recommend us to check and develop the plug-in.

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