Mailcoach now includes split testing, MJML, Livewire 3 support, and much more

Mailcoach, the email marketing platform by Spatie just announced a new version that includes split testing, MJML support, Livewire 3, data tables, and more.

Flexible split testing

When creating email campaigns, you might wonder which subject line would result in the most opens? Or you may be trying to figure out which copy of a link in your mail would result in the most clicks.

Instead of making those decisions beforehand and hoping for the best, you can now use Mailcoach's flexible split testing. You might also know this as A/B testing, but as Mailcoach allows for more than two variations, we call it split testing.

Data tables

All lists of data in Mailcoach now uses Filament's feature-reach Table Builder component.


To make crafting emails a lot more enjoyable, the folks at Mailjet created a solution called MJML, which stands for "Mailjet Markup Language." It's an easy-to-use abstraction layer over HTML.

Mailcoach now supports MJML out of the box in your templates and email campaigns, and you get code completion suggestions in the editor.

New suppression list

The new suppression list feature is a list of email addresses that will never receive your email.

You can manually add people to this list. Mailcoach also automatically adds an entry for any email that hard bounces. A hard bounce is usually caused by an email address not existing (anymore), and our thinking is that none of your lists should try sending to that address anymore.

Livewire 3

Behind the scenes, Mailcoach's hosted and self-hosted versions extensively use Livewire to make the UI interactive.

If you're using the hosted version, this is just a minor detail that doesn't affect you much. However, many users of the self-hosted version requested support for the latest and greatest version of Livewire, v3. We're happy to share that we now use v3 of Livewire everywhere.

In addition to having rewritten our components to use the Livewire v3 specific features, we're also using Livewire's new navigation to make the UI feel more speedy.

And lots more...

In addition to those prominent features, they've also made many small improvements.

  • Rewritten docs for clarity
  • Substack imports are now supported
  • there's a new automation action that will hold any mail until the next workday

You can read more about the new features in their release announcement.

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