Tinkerwell v4 is now released

Tinkerwell, the code runner for PHP, just released version 4 with a host of new goodies, including AI support, a new detail dive, custom themes, a log viewer, and so much more.

If you are unfamiliar with Tinkerwell, it's an app I use daily. Everything from quickly debugging some code to tinkering on the server to using it to explain code in videos. It's an app I love using, and v4 took everything I like about it and made it better. This is a massive release, and let's take a quick look at some of the new features.

AI Support

You can now add your Open AI API key in the settings to enable AI features. You can select between GPT 3.5 or GPT-4.

With AI support you can have Tinkerwell write code for you, explain code, and more. All within the editor.

Detail Dive

Instead of showing the CLI output that Tinkerwell previously used, Tinkerwell 4 has a more structured output called Detail Dive.

Depending on the result, Detail Dive allows you to expand the view, like in the screenshot above, or display collections and arrays in a table view.

If the result is a Mailable, Tinkerwell previews the email. This makes testing emails even easier, as with HELO or Invoker, because you can pass the data to the view you need for your test case.

New Object Graph

This allows you to display all relations in a graph for debugging.

Which expands into:

SQL Queries

If you enable the SQL query output at the top right when running Detail Dive, Tinkerwell shows you all queries during the code execution.

New Log View

Tinkerwell 4 has a log viewer with log tailing. Connect to a Laravel app and check the logs via the icon in the sidebar.

Get Tinkerwell

You can find out all the features of this release on the Tinkerwell v4 page and buy yourself a copy today while they are running a special.

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