Choosing your site’s design is a crucial first step in the creation of any new website and is key to conveying your brand or message online. Our new option to “Design Your Own Theme” revolutionizes this process by introducing predefined Block Patterns, which act as modular elements for your unique design.

This groundbreaking tool provides a straightforward point-and-click interface for quick layout and style adjustments, streamlining the design process. You can now add, remove, and rearrange entire sections of your site layout with ease—saving time traditionally spent on manual construction. This allows you to freely explore different design ideas in a user-friendly playground that encourages exploration and experimentation.

Join us for this enlightening webinar where we will demonstrate how to work with this new tool to create a custom website in minutes. We will then explore the various ways Block Patterns can be used in the page editor to construct unique layouts for any page or area of your website. The session is free to attend and will conclude with a live Q&A to address all your questions.

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Also presenting: “Picking the Perfect Plugin”

Expand your website’s range of features through the strategic use of plugins. In this popular webinar, our Happiness Engineers will educate you on the selection, analysis, and management of both free and paid plugins to boost your site. Gain specialized understanding to make decisions that are right for your unique website.  

As with all of our webinars, this session is free to attend, and we will follow our live presentation with an open Q&A to answer all your plugin questions.

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