The Ultimate "git nah" Alias

Recently, developer Liam Hammett shared a fabulous git nah snippet on Twitter that is better than your existing git nah alias 🔥

I know lots of people use a "nah" alias to abort their current changes, but they usually limit it to "git reset --hard".

I like to do more by cleaning and aborting any potential rebase. If I use the "nah" command, I know I want a fresh start, so this helps

He shared two versions, including setting it up as a git alias:

# Git alias ⬇️
    nah = "!f(){ git reset --hard; git clean -df; if [ -d ".git/rebase-apply" ] || [ -d ".git/rebase-merge" ]; then git rebase --abort; fi; }; f"

If you prefer a bash function instead, here's that version that you would add to your .bashrc or .zshrch file:

# Bash function ⬇️
nah () {
    git reset --hard
    git clean -df
    if [ -d ".git/rebase-apply" ] || [ -d ".git/rebase-merge" ]; then
        git rebase --abort

Depending on which snippet you prefer, here's how you'd run it:

# Alias
$ git nah

# Bash
$ nah

What are some of your favorite git aliases? Share them with us!

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