Octane Now Supports FrankenPHP Linux ARM Builds

Laravel Octane v2.2.6 was released yesterday with support for using aarch64 builds of FrankenPHP. This means you can use FrankenPHP's Octane integration on arm64 or Apple Silicon via Laravel Sail:

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The Octane documentation was also updated with instructions on using FrankenPHP via Laravel Sail. Please note, that once you follow the instructions to update Laravel Sail's Supervisor configuration, you will need to rebuild your application image to start using FrankenPHP with Sail:

./vendor/bin/sail build --no-cache

FrankenPHP now supports Linux (x86_64 and aarch64) and macOS buils, and other systems should use Docker images or compile FrankenPHP manually. Octane will determine the server architecture needed to run Octane with FrankenPHP binaries, thanks to a contribution by @foremtehan to support the new aarch64 builds in Pull Request #793.

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