Blade Heroicons Upgrader

Helge Sverre released a new Blade Heroicons Upgrader package that is specifically designed for updating from Heroicons v1 to v2 in Blade files where many icons were renamed or removed between the major versions.

This tool replaces old icon names in your code, such as @svg("clipboard-check") and , and updates them to their new v2 equivalents such as @svg("clipboard-document-check") and .


Run the command to upgrade your blade files:

php artisan blade-heroicons-upgrader:upgrade 

You may also specify one or more files or directories to run replacements on:

php artisan blade-heroicons-upgrader:upgrade ./resources/views ./app/Composers/MenuComposer.php

You can also do a dry run to see how many replacements in which files will be done.

php artisan blade-heroicons-upgrader:upgrade --dry

For complete details on this package, see the GitHub repo, and happy updating!

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