Herd 1.4.0 is now out with a pro version and Windows in the works

Herd 1.4.0 is now released, and this update adds new features, improves existing ones, and comes with an optional Herd Pro. Another huge announcement is a brand new Herd for Windows that is due out in March of 2024.

In this post let's look at the highlights of this new version and check the video above to go through all these and see Herd Pro in action.

Herd basic updates

Node and NVM

Added the possibility to install and use NVM (Node Version Manager) within Herd to manage your Node environments quickly

Other Herd Basic Updates

  • Added optional Xdebug extension
  • Added an opt-in beta channel for the latest updates
  • Added an option to disable notifications for PHP updates
  • Added an option to select your IDE to quickly open a project from the sites list or the log viewer

The new Herd Pro includes

To go along with all the features of the basic version, Herd pro now includes the following:


Intercept dump and dd calls and display them in an external window.


Use the internal mail server and client to test and debug local emails.


Trail and search through local log files of all your projects.

Xdebug detection

Automatically enable Xdebug when setting a breakpoint in PHPStorm or enabling the debug mode via a browser extension.

Download Herd

You can find out more about Herd and download it from herd.laravel.com.

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