Radical Design - A new course by Jack McDade

Jack McDade, founder of Statamic, just launched a brand new design course called Radical Design.

It's not a book, and it's not a step-by-step video course either. It's a self-guided, Choose Your Own Adventure™ style hub that dives deep into many different areas of design. Yes, it includes (many) videos, articles, and tutorials, but also downloads, example design files, elements, components, hand-crafted SVGs, and all sorts of other good stuff. I’m going to share all my resources, secrets, and my personal treasure trove of hot links (bookmarks, not sausages), font recommendations, asset libraries, and more.

If you know Jack, you know he has a wild design style that really works. His designs are unique, creative, and super fun. I’m always inspired every time he launches something new.

If you are looking to get into design and are not sure where to start, then this course is for you. You’ll learn:

  • How to design sites and write content that will be remembered.
  • Ways to be original and unique and make your designs stand out. Boring sucks.
  • How to design quickly and efficiently so you can get on with the other 71 things on your to-do list.
  • How to develop a unique style of your very own.
  • How to be excited about design instead of dreading it.
  • The value of humor in your designs.
  • How to use a wide range of design tools & apps.
  • Important fundamentals.

You can buy the course at Radical Design Course, and you’ll get the course access to the private Radical Design Discord server so you can collaborate, share ideas, and give feedback.

Plus, the course will be regularly updated with new videos and resources.

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