VS Code Extension for API Insights

Recently, at Treblle, we released a Visual Studio Code extension to work with our free developer tool, API Insights. After releasing this new tool, we wanted to look for ways developers building OpenAPI Specifications could benefit without stopping what they were doing.

So, for those who need to be made aware, API Insights is a free developer tool we created at Treblle that lets you get insights into your API design. It will score your OpenAPI Specification against:

  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Security

The way this works is that we analyze your specification to understand what this API does. We then compare your API to a set of industry standards for APIs and see how close you are to having an "industry standard API".

However, we go a step further than just analyzing your specification; we send a request to the first endpoint that could be successful and measure load time and response size. We can analyze something similar to understand your API better.

The VS Code extension will allow you to analyze your specifications without leaving your editor. Even better, though, is that it will then watch this file for changes and prompt you to re-run the analysis if a change is detected.

We wrote about this new free tool in a little more detail on our blog and would love to hear your thoughts about the extension - also, what developer tool you would find helpful! You never know; we may build it.

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