Reversible Form Prompts and a New Exceptions Facade in Laravel 11.4

This week, the Laravel team released v11.4, with reversible form Prompts, a new Exceptions facade, Enum support in the Collection::mapInto() method, and more.

Introduce the Exceptions Facade

Nuno Maduro contributed the Exceptions facade:

The Exceptions facade provides a consistent way to test exceptions in Laravel applications. Here is the list of methods that the Exceptions facade provides:

  • assertReported
  • assertReportedCount
  • assertNotReported
  • assertNothingReported
  • throwOnReport
  • throwFirstReported

Here's an example from the pull request description illustrating the Exceptions::fake() method and assertReported() method:

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Exceptions;

test('example', function () {
    $this->post('/generate-report', [
        'throw' => 'true',
    ])->assertStatus(503); // Service Unavailable
    // or
    Exceptions::assertReported(function (ServiceUnavailableException $exception) {
        return $exception->getMessage() === 'Service is currently unavailable';

See the Exception Handling section of the HTTP Tests documentation for usage details.

Livewire-style Directives

@devajmeireles contributed the ability to use Boolean-style directives, without any defined value:

{{-- Before  --}}

<x-fetch wire:poll />

{{-- Generates this HTML --}}

<div ... wire:poll="wire:poll" />

{{-- After  --}}
<x-fetch wire:poll />

<div ... wire:poll />

Reversible Forms in Prompts

Luke Downing contributed form prompts, which are a grouped set of prompts for the user to complete. Forms include the ability to return to previous prompts and make changes without having to cancel the command and start over:

use function Laravel\Prompts\form;
$responses = form()
    ->text('What is your name?', required: true)
    ->password('What is your password?', validate: ['password' => 'min:8'])
    ->confirm('Do you accept the terms?')

Here's an example of using values from previous responses:

$responses = form()
    ->text('What is your name?', name: 'name')
    ->add(fn () => select('What is your favourite language?', ['PHP', 'JS']), name: 'language')
    ->add(fn ($responses) => note("Your name is {$responses['name']} and your language is {$responses['language']}"))

See Pull Request #118 in the laravel/prompts project for implementation details. This feature is already documented in the Prompts documentation.

Add Support for Enums on mapInto Collection Method

Luke Downing contributed support for Enums on the Collection::mapInto() method, which allows you to build up enums from an array of values:

public function store(Request $request)
        'features' => ['array'],
        'features.*' => [new Enum(Feature::class)],

    $features = $request

    if ($features->contains(Feature::DarkMode)) {
        // ...

An afterQuery() Hook

Günther Debrauwer contributed an afterQuery() hook to run code after running a query:

$query->afterQuery(function ($models) {
    // Make changes to the queried models ...

Here's a use-case example from the pull request's description:

// Before

public function scopeWithIsFavoriteOf($query, ?User $user = null) : void
    if ($user === null) {
        return $query;

        // 'is_favorite' => some query ...

$products = Product::withIsFavoriteOf(auth()->user())->get();

if (auth()->user() === null) {
    $products->each->setAttribute('is_favorite', false);

And here's the code using the afterQuery() hook:

// After

public function scopeWithIsFavoriteOf($query, ?User $user = null) : void
    if ($user === null) {
        $query->afterQuery(fn ($products) => $products->each->setAttribute('is_favorite', false));


        // 'is_favorite' => some query ...


Release notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 11.3.0 and 11.4.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:


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