Sort Elements with the Alpine.js Sort Plugin

Alpine.js has a new first-party Sort plugin in the ecosystem, which allows you to easily re-order elements by dragging them with your mouse. The Sort plugin uses the SortableJS project under the hood for the heavy lifting of sorting elements and provides a nice API for Alpine:

<ul x-sort>
    <li x-sort:item>foo</li>
    <li x-sort:item>bar</li>
    <li x-sort:item>baz</li>

This small, yet mighty plugin provides the following features:

  • Sorting groups
  • Custom drag handles
  • Support for Ghost elements
  • Customizable configuration for SortableJS

The author Caleb Porzio has also created a new screencast series on the Livewire Site for the Sort plugin. It takes you deep into building a sortable drag-and-drop experience from the JS to the database.

Livewire Sort screencast series
The Livewire Sort Screencast Series

The series consists of 11 videos with over an hour of content:

  • Building a Todo List
  • Storing positions in the database
  • Using Alpine's Sort Plugin
  • Sorting items in the database
  • Handling removals
  • Adding drag handles
  • Extracting a Blade Component
  • Extracting an Eloquent Trait
  • Re-arranging Items
  • Sorting between groups

To get started with the Sort plugin, check out the Alpine Documentation. You can also view the Sort screencasts on the Livewire Website.

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