NativePHP Windows Builds are Here

Windows support for NativePHP was announced, which means that you can now build applications for the Windows platform. Windows builds are working, and with that, all platforms will get new versions of PHP to work with.

I know many of you have been patiently waiting for this. Over the months, we've racked up quite a few issues as folks have attempted to find some way to get Windows builds working.

I totally get this enthusiasm, Windows support was always on the cards, but we stated early on that Windows support was going to take a while longer for one main reason: a lack of static builds of PHP for Windows with enough extensions baked in to support booting a Laravel application.

To start building for Windows, update to the latest version of nativephp/electron via Composer:

composer require nativephp/electron

You can now build for Windows even while on another OS using the OS argument via the build command:

php artisan native:build win

Along with Windows support, this release introduces broader support for multiple versions of PHP. This release enables full Laravel 11 support using PHP 8.2 or PHP 8.3 to develop your applications. NativePHP binaries are expected to happen more regularly.

You can learn more about this release from the GitHub discussion

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