Moonshine is an Open-source Admin Panel for Laravel

Moonshine is an open-source package for Laravel offering an admin panel you can use for MVPs, back-office applications, and content management systems. You can make an admin panel with authorization and CRUD in minutes.

Moonshine Demo Admin
Moonshine Demo Admin

Moonshine is a tool for rapid development using the package's CMS features, and other features that make you productive using familiar tools like Blade, Livewire, and Alpine:

  • Moonshine helps you create functionality rapidly
  • There is no binding to models; you can take whatever data you like
  • Form and table builder
  • Lightweight and easy to use AlpineJs
  • Tailwind CSS and Blade, familiar to the vast majority of Laravel developers
  • Ability to use Blade and Livewire components
  • Convenient template builder, change colors and overall design

To start with Moonshine, chect out the Installation guide. The documentation is another good place to start, along with the MoonShine 2 video guide.

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