Statamic 5 is released!

The Statamic team released Statamic 5 this week. This major release focuses on performance improvements, developer experience, and continued modernization of the code base.

The announcement post goes into greater detail about performance, but for large, complicated sites, you might see anywhere from 50-600% speed increases. Small sites might notice a bump of 5-10% faster.

With Statamic 5, the control panel has multi-site management, where non-technical (and technical alike) users can add, edit, and remove sites:

Multi-site management in the control panel
Multi-site management in the control panel

When using the flat file Stache driver, you can now see the equivalent of what SQL queries would be with the flat file fake SQL queries panel. You can now see approximated SQL queries in tools like Laravel Debugbar, Telescope, and Ray:

Approximated SQL with the flat file driver
Approximated SQL with the flat file driver

Statamic 5 also supports Laravel 11, including integration of Laravel Prompts in the CLI and support for Reverb. With support for Laravel 11, Laravel 9 and PHP 8.0 support were dropped from v5.

Other New Features and Changes

  • Laravel 11 support
  • Dropped support for Laravel 9 and PHP 8.0. * Sites can be managed in the control panel.
  • Approved sites may use offline license validation.
  • Laravel Reverb support
  • Ability to fake SQL queries for the Stache.
  • Ability to install first-party addons using install:eloquent-driver, install:ssg, and install:collaboration commands.
  • The "default" values set on blueprint fields is now used across the board rather than only in the publish form.
  • Glide URLs now always contain the original filename for better SEO. * The Glide "hash" in its URLs can be customized. * Addon test suite is included as part of the make:addon command.
  • New syntax for escaping Antlers inside tag parameters.
  • Ability for forms to have temporary files used as email attachments.
  • Added pluck to the query builder.
  • Form submissions have been upgraded to a full repository and query builder. * The form submission listing in the control panel can be filtered.
  • Entries etc are now JSON-serialized where appropriate.
  • The GraphQL editor in the control panel (GraphiQL) has been updated and given a facelift.
  • Tokens can be stored elsewhere, like a database.

Statamic is open-source and free to use within the limits of the Solo license. The Pro license is $275. More details about the licensing and pricing can be found on Statamic's pricing page.

For full more details about Statamic 5, head over to the official announcement blog post on You can also find the open source release on GitHub.

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