FrankenPHP Support in Laravel Octane is Out of Beta

The Laravel team released Octane v2.3.10, which removes the status of beta for FrankenPHP's Octane server option. FrankenPHP is a PHP application server written in Golang that supports modern HTTP features like early hints, Brotli compression, Zstandard compression, and more.

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FrankenPHP released v1.0 towards the end of 2023, and around the same time, Laravel Octane integrated beta support. It's exciting to see this fantastic server option available in Octane!

To start with FrankenPHP in Octane, check out the Laravel Documentation. There, you can find additional documentation about running FrankenPHP with Laravel in various environments in FrankenPHP's Laravel documentation.

Shout out to Kévin Dunglas and Nuno Maduro for making the FrankenPHP Octane server a reality!

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