We recently launched Studio, our free and open source local WordPress development environment, for MacOS, and we’re happy to share that the Windows version of Studio is now available!

Download Studio for Windows

As a reminder, we’ve built Studio to be the fastest and simplest way to build WordPress sites locally.

The site overview tab on the Windows version of Studio on top of a blue background

A new default local WordPress development environment

In less than one month, Studio has thousands of active users, and those users have created hundreds of demo sites. Plus, since Studio is open source, we’ve received and merged bug fixes and enhancements from community users over on GitHub.

It has been so exciting to see the WordPress community embrace a better local development setup with Studio:

Of course, we knew that a Windows version of Studio was also needed, as over 25% of WordPress developers develop on a Windows machine. We worked on a Windows version alongside the Mac version, but the Windows version required us to solve some additional challenges before making it widely available. 

Plus, developers started requesting it immediately:

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Comments on our Studio announcement video

Download Studio for Windows for free today

Our free Windows version of Studio is now available, and you can get up and running with a local site on your Windows computer in just a few clicks:

  1. Download Studio for Windows.
  2. Install and open Studio.
  3. Click Add site, and you’re done!

Note: If you use an early version of Studio for Windows (downloaded before May 29, 2024), please follow the steps above to install the latest version to ensure you receive updates when available.

Just like in our Mac version of Studio, Studio for Windows allows you to access WP Admin, the Site Editor, global styles, and patterns, all with just one click—and without needing to remember and enter a username or password. You can also easily open your site code in File Explorer, PhpStorm, VS Code, or your terminal for easy editing and shipping.

You can also effortlessly create demo sites on the Windows version of Studio so you can share your local work with your clients, teams, and colleagues.

Development on Studio is fast and quick thanks to our use of WordPress Playground helping us run the app behind the scenes. 

The site settings tab on the Windows version of Studio on a blue background

Ready to get building?

Download Studio for Windows today to start creating and running WordPress sites directly on your local Windows machine.

You can also explore the Studio documentation for more step-by-step instructions for using Studio, and if you have any thoughts, feedback, or enhancement requests, submit an issue over on GitHub.

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