Prevent Destructive Commands From Running in Laravel

As of Laravel 11.9 you can now prevent commands like database migrations from accidentally running in production environments with a Prohibitable trait:

use Illuminate\Console\Command;
use Illuminate\Console\Prohibitable;

class SomeDestructiveCommand extends Command
    use Prohibitable;

// SomeDestructiveCommand::prohibit($this->app->isProduction());

The Laravel framework includes some database commands that include the Prohibitable trait, such as db:wipe, migrate:fresh, migrate:refresh, and migrate:reset:

public function boot(): void

Using the DB Facade, you can prohibit destructive database commands built into Laravel:

// Prohibits: db:wipe, migrate:fresh, migrate:refresh, and migrate:reset

The prohibit() method accepts a Boolean argument that defaults to true, and you can conditionally prevent commands from running using whatever logic you need, so that you can still run them in development environments:

public function boot(): void

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