Sentry and Laravel announce a new partnership

Sentry and Laravel announced a new partnership, making Sentry the preferred monitoring and debugging solution for Laravel projects using Forge or Vapor.

Sentry is committed to the Laravel and PHP community, and we continue to build with you in mind. With the new Forge and Vapor integration, we’re forging (pun intended) a new standard for managing, deploying, and debugging your Laravel apps.

Here is a video showing how this new integration works:

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Or, if you prefer step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log in to Laravel Forge or Vapor
  2. Navigate to “User Profile” in Forge or “Team Settings” in Vapor (when logged in as the team owner) where you can find the new Sentry integration option.
  3. Follow the prompts to link your Sentry account
  4. Configure Sentry and connect your site to create a Sentry project create the project from the site’s or project’s Sentry panel
  5. Deploy your application, and Sentry will start tracking errors immediately

If you haven't tried Sentry yet, check out our guide on how Sentry can improve your Laravel application. It's also super easy to install and comes with new features like a new widget to get direct feedback from users when they encounter a bug on your site. Sentry will attach their comment with all the debugging context you could dream of, like replay events, screenshots, error details, URL tags, and more.

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