View Third-party Relations in model:show - Now Available in Laravel 11.11

This week, the Laravel team released v11.11, with support for third-party relations in the model:show command, new Collection methods, new cache events, and more.

before and after Collection Methods

Ryuta Hamasaki contributed before and after methods to Collection and LazyCollection instances

Here are examples of the before method from the pull request description:

$collection = collect([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 'name' => 'taylor', 'framework' => 'laravel']);

$collection->before(2) // 1
$collection->before('taylor') // 5
$collection->before('laravel') // 'taylor'
$collection->before(fn ($value) => $value > 4) // 4
$collection->before(fn ($value) => ! is_numeric($value)) // 5
$collection->before(1) // null
$collection->before('not found') // null

Here are examples of the after method from the pull request description:

$collection = collect([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 'name' => 'taylor', 'framework' => 'laravel']);

$collection->after(1) // 2
$collection->after('taylor') // 'laravel'
$collection->after(fn ($value) => $value > 4) // 'taylor'
$collection->after(fn ($value) => ! is_numeric($value)) // 'laravel'
$collection->after('laravel') // null
$collection->after('not found') // null

Cache Events

Alex Bouma contributed new cache events to the framework that applications can listen to:

use Illuminate\Cache\Events\ForgettingKey;

use Illuminate\Cache\Events\KeyForgetFailed;

use Illuminate\Cache\Events\KeyWriteFailed;
// Two public properties: `$this->value` and `$this->seconds`

use Illuminate\Cache\Events\RetrievingKey;

use Illuminate\Cache\Events\RetrievingManyKeys;
// One public property: `$this->keys`

use Illuminate\Cache\Events\WritingKey
// Two public properties: `$this->value` and `$this->seconds`

use Illuminate\Cache\Events\WritingManyKeys;
// Three public properties:
// `$this->keys`, `$this->values` and `$this->seconds`

Support Third-party Relations in model:show

Jonas Staudenmeir contributed the ability to include third-party package model relations in the model:show command:

The model:show command finds a model's relations by analyzing the code of its methods and looking for $this->hasMany( etc. This doesn't detect third-party relations (like eloquent-has-many-deep). We could build a whole system for packages to hook into, but that would be overkill, IMO.

Instead, we can check the method's return type and see if it's a subclass of the base Relation class. Not everybody uses return types, but I hope that most do nowadays.

You can learn more about this addition in Pull Request #51807.

Session ID Getter

Tim MacDonald contributed the Session::id() method to the Session facade:


// You can still use `getId()` too:

Timezone and Locale Added to the about Command

Amir Khalife Soltani contributed to adding Locale and Timezone values to Laravel's about command. You can now quickly determine what the configured locale and timezone are at a glance with other important environment information:

The about command with Timezone and Locale values
The `about` command with `Timezone` and `Locale` values

422 Unprocessable Content Status Code

Dwight Watson contributed updates to the status code method for determining a 422 status code, which is now referred to as 422 Unprocessable Content instead of Unprocessable Entity. The way you interact with asserting a 422 status code hasn't changed:

$response = $this->postJson('/example', []);

See RFC 9110: HTTP Semantics and Pull Request #51815 for details.

Add Relation::getMorphAlias() Method

Dennis Koch contributed a Relation::getMorphAlias() method

Since there is a Relation::getMorphedModel() I think it would be beneficial to add the reverse getMorphAlias.

This addition is particularly beneficial for testing, as it simplifies assertions with $this->assertDatabaseHas. Developers no longer need to recall the morph alias used:

$this->assertDatabaseHas('taskables', [
    'taskable_type' => Relation::getMorphAlias(Document::class),
    'taskable_id' => $mitigation->id,
    'task_id' => $taskB->id

Release notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 11.10.0 and 11.11.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:


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