AgileVideos for Joomla! showcases your locally and remotely stored videos to your site-visitors in a grid or slider. The videos are played in a lightbox when the visitor selects them.

Easy & Powerfull

Yes, that's how it should be - easy & powerful. Our AgileVideos module acts after the initial setup completely maintenance free. You define which folders should be monitored and optionally whether only registered users are allowed to have access to the videos. You can easily enable or disable this optional protection per monitored folder in the module settings

Stay agile

AgileVideos has been optimized for dynamic concepts. Once set up, the module manages everything on its own. Create rules for video labels with the Prettyfier. Add new videos or delete old ones in the media manager of your choice or directly on the FTP server - the module takes over your changes.

Shipped with Prettyfier 2.1

The Prettyfier is a code component that allows to modify labels / texts by own rules. The handling is very simple - via the backend module rules can be defined which are applied one after the other. With our Prettyfier you can define rules so that the web safe filename is not listed in the module. So from "myuglybutsafeFilename.jpg" can be displayed as label: my ugly but safe Filename. And Prettyfier can do even more. By freely defining rules, even the complete name can be customized and parts of it can be deleted. The options are incomparable.

Lightbox on!

All videos will be played inside a lightbox, whether they are stored locally or from an external source. Note on external sources: No content is loaded from Youtube or other servers until the user actively clicks on the video thumbnail to play the video.

Local & Remote Sources supported

The local videos are read automatically based on the settings you made. Remote videos from Youtube / Vimeo or via direct link can be added separately. However, they will be displayed intermixed with the local videos (if desired).

Wide range of customization options

agileVideos offers you a large number of options to style the module according to YOUR wishes. And if it should be a little bit more you can either place your own CSS class names for all relevant corner points directly in the module settings or access all elements easy via CSS.

Included Privacy Options

agileVideos loads external videos only when the user interacts with them directly. In addition, an information can be added to inform visitors that external content is being loaded, which must be actively confirmed.

Protected Videos

The agileVideos module includes a new feature that allows you to automatically protect files within a shared folder from external access. If the option is enabled, only registered users (with an account) can see / access the files.

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