Geek Content Blocks component enables you to create reusable content blocks and boilerplate texts, then using them to quickly create articles and other content such as Custom HTML module, VirtueMart product’s description, EasyBlog post’s content, etc…

You can create any content blocks that you frequently use in your website such as Bootstrap Grid, Product template, Video block, Quote block, Author biography template, Contact information block, Download info block, Grid of cards block, etc ..

Totally change the way you create content in Joomla!
This tool enables you to quickly build content from content blocks. It helps to save a lot of time spent searching and copying content, as well as modifying HTML code.
Since content blocks are managed centrally, using content blocks also helps to keep the content on your site consistent with a standard HTML structure.
It’s not only used for creating articles but also used for building 3rd party components that uses the Joomla editor to create and format content such as VirtueMart product, EasyBlog post, EdocMan document, etc...

Reusable content blocks
You can create reusable content blocks that you can share between multiple articles. This is useful for content such as business information, author biography or boilerplate text that you only want to create once and reuse in multiple times.
You can also import / export content blocks to share between multiple Joomla websites that you manage.


Version 1.0.1 - Improvements Release
Release Date: Nov 15, 2021
- Added. a new button on toolbar that opens tutorial video in modal box.
- Changed. data type of the column "content" to MEDIUMTEXT.

Version 1.0.0 - Initial Release
Release Date: Nov 02, 2021

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