With the flipbook, you can easily transform images, Joomla articles and static PDFs into stunning HTML5 flipbooks with a realistic page flip effect and smooth. This are a great way to show and share such PDF publications as e-books, brochures, magazines, proposals, reports, newsletters, photo albums, portfolios, travel guides, pitches, presentations, forecasts, marketing and sales slicks, and more.

Super easy install and setup
You can easily setup in minutes and publish at any website.

Interactive Design
Flipbook displays PDFs, images and Joomla Articles in an easy-to-use, HTML5-compliant flipping book.

Integrates with Joomla
Flipbook uses Joomla's powerful module management system, allowing you to create and manage multiple flipping books from within Joomla's administration control panel.

Easy navigation
Browse documents easily and link directly to pages within a document.

Display multiple documents
The module can display multiple PDFs, images and Joomla Articles.

Simple to deploy and configure
This is easily installed using Joomla's install manager. Deploying flipping books is as simple as selecting a PDF or folder of images. Or, select from a vast array of features to customize the experience.

Sound Effects
You can enable or disable sound effect for page turns.

Completely customizable
You have complete control over how your flipping books look. Change the page speed, buttons, colors and container.

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