The "Product Page Clothes Design" plugin will automatically customize your product page in order to define a new structure and new design there, regardless of the template you're using.

It supports all the display options of products (characteristics, options, comments, discounts, etc.
The product page responsiveness has been specially cattered to the needs of the design.
Allow the selection of the layout for only some products.
Fully compatible with the HikaShop Styles pack
Full Hikashop components and HikaShop plugins support (HikaSerial, HikaMarket & HikaAuction)

Display Options
Setting to define the border color
Setting to define the background color
A setting to display a background image using your product image AND how you want it displayed.
Several settings to configure ho the next and previous buttons should appear on the product page.

Easy and quick !
Download the plugin on our website
Install it on your Joomla website (extension manager)
Configure the plugin as you wish
Enable the plugin
Enjoy your new product page!

The plugin is compatible with every versions of Joomla from 2.5 to 4.x. Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3.x Joomla 4.x
HikaShop 3.5 or newer required
Compatible with PHP 5 minimum
GPL v3
No limit of time
No limit of use
30-days money-back guarantee

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