jsvisit Visitor Counter is a Joomla extension with the functions to count not only the visitors but also their countries. The web services of geolocation servers are used for this. The respective servers can be used all or selectively. If no server was selected, the assignment and counting of countries is switched off.

Note that jsvisit only counts - IP addresses of visitors are not stored in the database or otherwise used.

A package with two Joomla extensions is provided for using jsvisit Counter. The jsvisit counter system plugin counts users and their countries. The jsvisit counter module provides the display of these counters on your website.

The counting method can be influenced using the ** jsvisit System Plugin**. A visitor is always recounted when he visits the page again after a defined period of time.
The jsvisit counter plugin also defines the deployment and use of Geolocation Server. The respective servers can be used all or selectively. f you have not selected any of the provided server, you switch off the assignment and counting of countries.

The jsvisit Module provides 20 different Layouts for counters. These layouts may be customized or extended with own styling information for counters (e.g. visit digitmania where you will find more than 700 different counter layouts).
The jsvisit module provides following options:

  • Setting of counter to initial or new value
  • Number of digits of counter
  • Type (layout) of counter
  • Random selection of counter type
  • Number of displayed countries
  • Option to show today's and yesterday's values
  • Option to show this week's' and last week's values
  • Option to show this month's and last month's values
  • Options to set module layout (four layouts provided)

The jsvisit Visitor Counter Module has a builtin support for English, German and Polish language.

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